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Years ago, I volunteered at a local elementary school for a school year.  My job was to help some of the students who were falling behind with their grades with their classwork.  It was a worthwhile volunteer job for me.

When I worked with the kids, who were in the third grade at the time, I decided not to require them to call me "Mr. Brown."  Instead, I let them just call me, "Mike."

The reason was because I felt that the young students would respect me just as much if I let them call me Mike as they would if I made them call me Mr. Brown.

Of course, if you work with children and you want them to call you Mr. or Mrs. Such-and-Such and not call you by your first name, then that's fine.  You have that right.

But I was fine with them just calling me by my first name.


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Still Waters


I always prefer to be called by my Christian name instead of Mrs such-and-such. It's much more informal and I'm happier with that. In some circumstances it can also help put me at ease.

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