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First Shot

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I got my first Covid vaccine shot today at the Hy-Vee pharmacy. They’re very efficient, and they answered all of my questions: Will I glow in the dark? Will my hair change color? Will the government track me? Afterwards, I rushed over to Lake Anita for a long, strenuous walk to get my heart pumping to evenly distribute the tracking chips. I wouldn’t want a nanochip pileup in my Parietal Lobe. (JK)

It was a beautiful day for a walk: Windy, 75 degrees, partly cloudy. I took a detour onto the Junior Karns Trail for a different assortment of photos. 

I heard this song for the first time today on the Christian radio station. I was really taken with the lyrics. I downloaded the song and listened to it several times as I walked the trail and thought about where I once was and where I am now. 
“O lift your eyes to see, He’s better than your dreams.”



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