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Ningen at Greenland

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Ningen at Greenland
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Sacramento Paranormal Help
I have never set foot on Greenland, but I have definitely flew over Greenland on my way to England.  Looking at Greenland from the window of a plane, I can see the beauty of this island.  An island that is called Greenland by the Vikings, when it should have been called Iceland. Huge ice shelves surround this majestic land.  The Vikings called Greenland, green land to trick other seafarers, so the Vikings could have Iceland to themselves. Those Vikings were pretty smart. 
With a huge island like this, there has to be some kind of lurking cryptid on this island and there is!  The Japanese call this cryptid the Ningen.  Is the Ningen a Japanese mermaid? People from all around the world make claim that they have seen this creature and supposingly there is video evidence of this creature.  Some people describe the Ningen as a humanoid fish, the size of a Sperm whale.  The Ningen was originally spotted by a Japanese research vessel off the coast of Antarctica. 
Dan Swager of Illinois went to Greenland in 1996.  Dan is a avid fisherman and his lifelong dream was to fish in Greenland.  While in Greenland, Dan did some hiking and admired the majestic beauty of this island.  Dan says that during his hike, about 200 feet downhill he spotted a creature that was pale white.  The creature was human like.  It had a torso, human like fingers and appendages.  It had a tail like a fish.     It had 2 large dark eyes and a slit for a mouth.  Another unusual oddity of this creature is that it had 2 legs and feet that were in front of its fish tail.  The creature was able to walk, it had bipedal capabilities.   Dan was in total awe of this creature. The creature turned and looked at Dan and made a dolphin like cry.  The creature and Dan stared at each other for a good minute, when all of a sudden the creature turned around and jumped back in the water.  Dan has never related this story to anyone, thinking that people would think he was crazy. 
Researching this creature, I discover that the creature is primarily seen at night in cold waters.  Dan's sighting took place in the daylight, during the afternoon.  Some researchers believe the creature lives underneath the ice of the Arctic and Antarctica. There have been other reported sightings of the creature in Greenland. 
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