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Baby 2 birth story slightly traumatic.

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Sorry this is a bit all over the place and warning it’s a little traumatic. 

Baby number 2 Elsie-Rae came into the world via emergency C section April 9th Australia time. 3.1kg aka 6lb 9oz well under 7lb min they said on scans. 

Failed induction, non active labour over a week, active labour for 12 hours and finally emergency c section.
Basically her position was head looking up and in a spot they couldn't feel back of neck and ultrasound wasn't helpful. Then biggest part of her head was too big for narrowest part of my pelvis.

Several different shots later, different methods to dilate to 10cm trying to change her position and 2 epidural later an emergency C section was preformed.
Which was actually a blessing in the end, I had an unknown tear in uterus that needed repairs and and no possibility of VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C section)  because the tear (i would bleed out) which sucks but oh well. Were safe is what matters the most.
I lost 1.3lt (you have 5lt) little over 2US pints of blood and apparently passed out. I remember closing eyes light headed after she was out and getting checked over i could hear everything last thing I remember is something about repairing the uterus and something about bleeding next thing I knew had a registered midwife nurse stroking my face to get me to open eyes. 
I thought I had closed them for a second.  

Baby is going great she's so perfect. She’s gaining beautifully. Luca-Rose is adjusting to being a big sister. 

She was in special care (it’s above normal ward but below ICU) for 2 days and on ward with me for one night due to complications. 

Uterus tear was a rupture that tried to self repair by attaching to some where else in the abdomen, it was a back tear so never would have shown on an ultrasound.
One in 17,000 pregnancies have it with no prior cause, it’s more common after VBAC 
Next pregnancy will be high risk and extra monitoring, when time.  
I was given IV fluids not blood to replace the blood loss. 
I’m currently stapled back together (uterus has stitches), on pain meds, adjusting to life as mum of two, recovering from the c section, being human pin cushion (baby was to) and the blood loss. 

Two locals to numb area, 2 epidural needles, a spinal block, 2 or 3 different things for pain in IV, anti vomiting IV med, IV fluids, 3 different pain meds in hospital, cannula for the IV, induction balloons, catheter, fingers needle to relax pelvic floor and 3 nasty (think acid and being burnt with fire at same time) blood thinners that’s what I know may have been more things done. 

Home recovering from all that and a damn skin reaction to something 

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Oh my goodness!!    So glad you and baby are doing well.   It sounds like you went through such a difficult time.   Sending good vibes that you continue to heal!!  

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