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Prayer of Exhaustion




Prayer of Exhaustion
I am often tired or even exhausted. I have always been low energy in many ways. I have never really understood it. Even when young and in good shape, I would find myself drained to the point that I could hardly bear it. As I age it is the same, possibly a little worse but not much. So now I have what I call the prayer of exhaustion. I may try to read when I feel that way but for the most part, I just sit with it and that ‘lack-of-energy’ simply becomes my prayer. I sit with it, look at it, give it over to God, and often fall asleep for a short time. I wake up with my head slumped down, and I simply go back to my prayer of exhaustion. One thing about this state, my mind is easy to keep silent in between dozing off for a few minutes. So I believe that this is an important way to pray. Most humans understand exhaustion, and many are like me, who for whatever reasons have low energy-BrMD


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