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Praying for the dying




Praying for the dying

My union with the dying is still as close as ever. Oh, how incomprehensible is God’s mercy that the Lord allows me, by my unworthy prayer, to come to the aid of the dying. I try to be at the side of every dying person whenever I can. Have confidence in God, for He is good and inconceivable. His mercy surpasses our understanding: Divine Mercy Diary 880


The ‘Chaplet of Mercy’ is a very popular prayer at this time. It is easy to see why this is so since when praying it all of mankind is incorporated in this prayer for mercy. No one is excluded. The closer the Lord draws us into his embrace, the more human our hearts become. Jesus’s heart was fully human. In his ‘Sacred Heart,’ there is not hatred, contempt, pettiness, nor any desire to seek revenge. There is only love and compassion. Because my heart is not yet there, I can honestly say that while I believe that about Our Lord, my heart is not yet fully human, but quite primitive, fearful, angry, and yes vengeful at times. This is often something beyond my control, though how I deal with it is up to me and my response to grace.

This is also a prayer that invites us to truly becoming a manifestation of the Heart of Christ to the world. To not run from the often tragic circumstances that enter into all lives. We join hands not only with those dying today but to those in the past as well as the future. We slowly start to see with the eyes of Christ the deep beauty in all hearts, and we desire with Christ Jesus that all men and women will grow into their ‘true’ humanity and allow both the Mind-Of-Christ, as well as the Heart-Of-Christ to take hold and to be transformed. s into the very depths of the human heart. My own heart is often a mystery to me as well, why should I think it any different for anyone else?.

Suffering is part of this path. The type of suffering that heals and does not embitter. It is a difficult path because it is a call to die to stony hearts, to letting go of the desire for justice/revenge, and to wake up and see who the men and women around us actually are when they are seen in their mystery and depth. The deeper in we go, the more we understand that we are the ones in most need of mercy, and in that we become one with all and do not feel the need to judge, for we cannot even judge ourselves. We learn to accept the love, compassion, and mercy of Christ for us and for all.-

To judge an action is not the same as judging the heart of another human being. Only God can see that deeply.-BrMD


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