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Second Shot




I had my 2nd Covid vaccine shot today. It went well, and I made an interesting observation: when the pharm tech did the inoculation, I barely felt the needle. But four weeks ago, when I got my first inoculation, a different pharm tech practically shoved that needle into my right clavicle. Conclusion: when it comes to inoculations, some pharm techs are more aggressive than others.

Just before leaving, I happened to glance at my paperwork and notice they’d misspelled the name of the street I live on. Somehow, instead of Union Avenue, they had me living on Ybuib Avenue. I mean, that’s gotta be a World Champion typo. I pointed it out to a staff member, and she corrected my computer records. 

I had planned another long walk at Lake Anita to elevate my heart rate and insure the nanochips were evenly distributed, but first I stopped at McDonald’s for a Double Quarter-Pounder with cheese. Mmm... I don’t know what it is about those big greasy cheeseburgers, but they’re seriously the high point of my culinary week.

It was a beautiful day at Lake Anita: partly cloudy skies, light breeze, low 70s. While walking the trail, I crossed paths with an elderly woman walking a beautiful dog: a black pitbull mix with brown stripes running through his fur. I stopped and said to the lady, “Beautiful dog!” She was delighted. 

Apparently, I hadn’t washed all the cheeseburger grease off my hands because when I reached out my hand to pet the dog his eyes lit up and he started licking my fingers just like I do when I’m eating fried chicken. It was hilarious, but maybe a bit embarrassing too. In the future, I’ll take greater care in washing my hands thoroughly with soap and water instead of those flimsy McDonald’s napkins.




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Ybuib Avenue :lol:  Maybe she just finished a greasy cheeseburger from McD's and got the keys sticky.:yes:

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Posted (edited)


You could be right: us cheeseburger lovers are known to be sloppy eaters! :yes:

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