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The Ghost of Joe Adonis

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The Ghost of Joe Adonis
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Sacramento Paranormal Help
The paranormal hotline is my personal cell number, so yes, I receive many phone calls.  Some of the calls I receive are prank calls. When I realize I am being pranked, I simply hang up on the caller and block their number.  Other calls I receive are your mediocre type of hauntings and I basically give out information on how they can cleanse their home, if that is they live out of state.  If they live in Northern California, I offer my services by bringing my team to their home to conduct an investigation and cleansing afterwards.  Yesterday (4/22/2021) I received a very unusual call that caught my attention.  The caller Terence McGill heard stories that 75 Bluff Road in Fort Lee, New Jersey was haunted.  Terence brought 3 friends with him and they investigated outside of the mansion.  Terence says that they are amateur ghost hunters and do not have any fancy equipment, all they have are their smart phones and one spirit box.  I asked why 75 Bluff Road?  Terence told me that it's a manor that was once occupied by Murder, Inc and the home of gangster Albert Anastasia.  Hoping to make contact with the ghost of Albert Anastasia, they actually encountered another ghost.  The ghost of gangster Joe Adonis.
Terence said that there was one female with them and as she was walking the grounds late at night at 75 Bluff Road, she heard the following:  Pssss, psss, come here dollface!  She looked towards where the voice was coming from and saw a man with black wavy hair, a smile on his face, dark eyes and long coat.  The woman that this happened to, does not want to be identified.   I will call her Lady D.  Lady D looked at the man and their eyes connected.  The man then faded away into nothingness and Lady D passed out.  Terrence and his other 2 friends ran to Lady D's rescue and revived her.  Lady D explained what she had seen.  After this encounter Lady D couldn't shake the feeling that she had some kind of attachment.  I asked Terrance if he felt it was the ghost of crime boss Albert Anastasia?  Terrence said "no".  I asked him how can he be so sure?
Terrence said after they dropped Lady D at her home, they headed to his house.  At Terrence's house they brought out a Ouija Board and asked who was the man that Lady D encountered.  The name that they got on the Ouija Board was "Adonis".  Terrence and his 2 friends were shocked.  They immediately looked up Adonis and discovered that he was a gangster named Joe Adonis, real name Joseph Anthony Doto.  At some point of time, Adonis was deported back to Italy, but when he died, he was brought back to the United States to be buried in Fort Lee, New Jersey.  Joe Adonis family wanted Joe to be buried in the US.  Terrence also said that one of his friends had a spirit box and it stopped at the song by Michael Jackson..."Smooth Criminal", which they felt was very odd, but fitted the occasion. Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson can be heard here at this link:
At this point of time, I was doing my own research on Joe Adonis and it really does look like Smooth Criminal would fit his bill.  Joe Adonis had an ego the size of Texas, was always primping his thick black hair, always looking in a mirror, thought he was better looking than Rudolph Valentino the actor, loved the ladies and thought he could get away with anything. Of course, he also took the name Adonis.  Adonis in Greek mythology is the God of beauty.  Joe with his ego and thinking he was smarter than the cops, would have thought he was a Smooth Criminal. At this point of time, I had to chuckle a bit and was blown away that the spirit box would stop at this song.  I could only wonder how haunted this manor is and how many ghosts reside at this manor?  Buddy Hackett the comedian actually lived at this manor also.  Buddy Hackett had experiences with ghosts and his wife used to consult a psychic, so it would be fitting for Buddy Hackett to also haunt this manor.  I have no reports of any kind of haunting done by Buddy Hackett's ghost.
Terence asked why would Joe Adonis continue to haunt the manor?  My answer to Terence is that I feel after we pass on, we have the option of going into the light, or not going into the light. If we have unfinished business, we will continue to stay on Earth.  Caligula the 3rd Roman Emperor was seen all over Rome after his death and there are stories that he still haunts a palace on Palatine Hill.  Hitler's ghost has been seen in Germany, Paris France and even in England.  Hitler when he was alive took a picture while in Paris, with the Eiffel Tower behind him and stayed briefly in England with his brother Alois.  So, it would seem Hitler still haunts places that he visited when he was alive.  Rolling Stone Magazine had a big article in regard to Jim Morrison's ghost being seen all over the place.  My ex-wife Karen Jean Caruso Walker claimed that Jim Morrison came to her in a vision and explained to her on what life choices she should be making, when she told me that story, I scoffed and didn't believe her.  Then one day, I pick up a Rolling Stone Magazine and found out other people made claim of encountering Jim Morrison's ghost. So for Joe Adonis to still be here, is believable.  This Mediterranean styled home at 75 Bluff Road is probably extremely haunted.
I told Terence that if Lady D truly feels she has an attachment, to get a full submersion baptism and the attachment will immediately leave.  On 4/28/2021, Lady D did just that and now says that she does not feel she has an attachment.  Also, I told Terence that he and his friends need to get rid of the Ouija board and I told them how to do it properly.  Terence assured me that they will indeed get rid of the Ouija board and never play with any other Ouija Board. 
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