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_ TBD _ noted: For now ' --tentative

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entry lock mode -- not public then why do the views go U P ^ _^ 

7 test, add message, if public,


hidden is useless feature, same as delete, try lock > msg.

now , eve.3,4.May.2021

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 ... O . . M . .G . . working.  


words ,, breezy, jocular wheedling

Well, not bad is chukchi or muktuk, never just eat fat alone -- well only if very hungry.

butters cont.  depends, deuce < good word>





filler , this is line blah.





No I didn't post the fllwng, bt now,,, watch it now magically appear PUBLIC ! , smtng this site struct has a penchant for.


My voice is loud and now being citified I'm constantly trying to talk easy but it could be the vile that comes out that even I myself find annoying at times. Could be any such topic, for example, just for giggles:
arent exactly like brit twit learnt,
Aren't Ignorance and Apathy related like all trailer-trash, trailer parks? In fact there are numerous things to say or voice opinion on but if I reflect on the bile of words first, well, most times I can't even stand myself or bare to hear me sing or talk. I would hazzard that's exactly what happens when you go past your expiration date. Just a guess. 


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TBD 3 - blog

 not activate, not hot, misc. if burning honey Asian say hot stuff <wavey hand sign> not fire but good stuff. Okay lets see if hiddy and lock workie!

Well --- okay,  seems to work.

Thanks and homage to guru site Budda Buddah Buhdda aaah BUDDY! and sightful feng shui, ? mojo no, oh

strong mojo and

insightful  Qi !¡! 

========================= Update: June 2021 ( no post ) abc go,, 

Just a thought.

Extreme Virology Epicenter Bioengineering Lab requirements:

 1) Must be located in 11 million or more body mass.

 2) Solution Function: fastest leathal infection for human respiratory system known to man.

Initial startup varied, 7.4 Million - philanthropists and 115.6 million 'Eco Health' etc. etc. - U.S. interests accepted. 

Update: Basically almost halted in 2017 C.E.

Conspiracy seed has to start somewhere.

Speculative conjecture, and there you have it,
 respiratory infection engineering lab was born.

( Almost as bad as a string of reactors built on an earthquake fault line --    but not quite. ) 

   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sssssierra happens, Oops. Not our fault.

Like an old b/w movie rerun.

≠====================≠ still works in here, IT'S ALIVE !¡! , cool.

Recent ramblingds 2021.07Jy.m19::::::: 

Latest Enquirer Staff News
 'Retired' National Enquirer Chief KING DAVID Pecker, by recent sourced accounts in 2021, is still holding ah, the fort so to speak. Certain sources revealed fans yelling to keep his ah mmm, head up. Obviously the case as the 69 year old Mr. Pecker is indeed still firing the shots behind the curtain.

_&_&_&_&&_&_&_&_&_ the end.

2021.07 fluidic mem,, would never be DB und chips hardware, we need to move away from that enviro/platform ,, the clever algs und research will take care of the rest as it builds.

idiots, thank the gods in a way ha! 

re: """'   

Can consciousness be explained by quantum physics?

By Eldorado, Friday at 02:20 PM in Philosophy and Psychology


Wasn't able to post in Canadian top artists blah thread,,, lag, or ,,, posting here my thoughts on notables:

Red Dawn
Niel Young 
Brian Adams
Loverb *eeeh so so*
April Wine
Cory Hart
Cochrane "Life is a high   way
Leonard Cohen "Hallelujah
Gordon Lightfoot
 oh,,, ofcourse 
Sarah McLachlan
and Anne Murray.


That's all, I didn't play with any but those were memorable.




. future posts , time apx. Aug. 2021




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