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True Judgement

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True judgment
If I do something wrong and am judged on my ‘sin’, I have no recourse since it is true. Of course in the human situation, we have to put up safeguards because when we judge it can be faulty or simply wrong. So we have the concept “beyond reasonable doubt”. When humans judge, in court or otherwise it is hard to pinpoint the actual truth of the matter.
Before God, judgment coincides with absolute truth, there is no need for “the beyond reasonable doubt” clause. Infinite Truth meets truth, in that the soul knows without a doubt that what is seen and judged is true. This can be consoling for us humans since there are layers within the human heart and soul that we know nothing about. DNA, family history, mental illness, and other factors come into play when standing before God, all is seen. We struggle to become free, we often fail, yet God is always merciful to those who call on it. No one is turned away. God sees all, so he is all-merciful to those who call on him.
 Below are some quotes on the Divine Mercy by Sr. Faustian. She is a catholic who I believe was, and still is being used by God to present us the reality of God's love, which is beyond comprehension.-Br.MD
The Mercy of God hidden in the Blessed Sacrament; the voice of the Lord who speaks to us from the throne of mercy: Come to Me, all of you.
- Jesus: Do not be scared, sinner soul, of your Savior; I am approaching you first because I know that by yourself you are going to approach Me. Do not flee, my daughter, from your Father; who wishes to speak to you about his Mercy and wishes to personally pardon you and fill you with graces. Oh, how dear is your soul to me. I sat you in My arms. And you are engraved in My Heart like a deep wound.
- The soul: Sir, I hear Your voice that calls for me to leave the bad ways, but I do not have either the courage or the strength.
- Jesus: I am your strength; I will give you strength to fight.
- The soul: Sir, I know Your sanctity and am scared of You.
- Jesus: Why are you scared, My daughter, of the God of Mercy? My sanctity does not prevent Me from being merciful with you. Look, soul, for you I have instituted the throne of mercy on Earth and this throne is the tabernacle and from this throne of mercy I desire to come to your heart. Look, I have surrounded myself neither by an entourage nor by guards, you, at any time, have access to Me, any hour of the day I desire to speak with you and grant you graces.
- The soul: Sir, I fear you will not pardon such a great number of sins; my misery fills me with fear.
- Jesus: My mercy is greater than your misery and the misery of the entire world. Who has measured My kindness? For you, I came from heaven to Earth, and for you, I was nailed at the cross, for you I allowed that My Sacred Heart be pierced by a lance, and opened the Source of Mercy for you. Come and take graces from this source with a container of confidence. I will never reject a sorry heart; your misery has been sunk in the abyss of My mercy. Why would you dispute With me on your misery? Do me a favor, give me all your pains and all your misery and I will overwhelm you with the treasures of My graces.
The soul: With Your kindness, you have won, oh Lord, my heart of stone; here I am approaching with confidence and humility the tribunal of Your mercy, forgive me through the hand of Your representative. Oh Lord, I feel that grace and peace have flowed to my poor soul. I feel that Your mercy, Lord, has penetrated my soul totally. You have pardoned me more than I could have expected, and more than whatever I could imagine. Your kindness has surpassed all my desires. And now I invite You to my heart, full of gratitude for so many graces. I had taken the wrong path like the prodigal son, but You did not stop being my Father. Multiply in me Your mercy, because you see how weak thing I am.
Jesus: My daughter, do not speak anymore of your misery, because I no longer remember it. Listen, My girl, what I wish to tell you: hug My wounds and take from the source of life everything that your heart wishes. Drink abundantly from the source of life and you will not stop during the trip. Look at the shining of My mercy and do not be afraid of the enemies of your salvation. Glorify My mercy.
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