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Tarot By Kathleen

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Synchronicity Points the Way




Synchronicity means that two seemingly unconnected events are happening at the same time which set off a deep emotional charge. Typically, no one else is as moved as we are and we can barely contain ourselves from babbling about it.

I love listening to others’ experiences of synchronicity. It’s signalling something significant and unravelling its meaning is titillating. Like interpreting a dream or solving a complex puzzle, when we land on the meaning, the aha! shout of satisfaction is beyond measure.

As a child, once I’d had a couple of these electrifying synchronicities under my belt, I was on a mission to make them happen. I loved the feeling. It was exciting, mysterious and warm. I tried everything: Riding my bicycle down a hill with my eyes closed, climbing into a freezing bath, hanging from the monkey bars as long as I could stand. Annoyingly, nothing produced the desired result. That delicious, sparkly synchronicity experience persistently adhered to random and nonsense.

Differentiating Psychic Experience from Synchronicity

I discovered I was unusually psychic at twelve years old. Thinking of someone and bumping into them was more about connecting with them psychically than synchronicity. Dreaming of something or someone and having it manifest in waking life was chocked up to psychic experience too.

Synchronicity was different. It was more about connecting to something else – something rather ethereal and outside the realm of just me. I wondered who was orchestrating this synchronicity. What did it mean in general and specific terms? Such a delightful mystery!

I’ve had a few out-of-the-park dandies. As a psychic reader of course, I come across oddities that some might describe as synchronicity but I would classify as psychic. One woman made an appointment to meet with me under quite extraordinary circumstances. She had a psychic reading months earlier while visiting a friend in London, England. The psychic told her she should consult a psychic that is practicing close to her home in Canada in a tea room and her name is Kathleen. The story gets stranger.

Upon returning home, she went on a hunt for a reader named Kathleen who was doing readings in a tea room. She was shocked to discover I was working out of a tea room she frequented with her girlfriends! The fact I was practicing in her favourite, local Tea Room and didn’t know until meeting with this psychic in London was a mind bender for everyone.

Perhaps the Most Extraordinary Experience

In 1989, I was studying for my M.A. in east/west psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. I had decided that the course I was taking with Angeles Arrien on Transitions, which focused on the teachings of the I-Ching, would mark the end of my studies at CIIS and stay in SF. It was offered to me free of charge by the school as recognition for a scholarship achievement and was the only reason I delayed my return to Canada.

I was feeling rather wistful after that first class (April 1989) and headed to a Hunan Restaurant on the Haight to have lunch. After my meal, the waiter brought the bill with a fortune cookie. Gotta love those fortune cookies! I opened the cookie to read the message with my usual curious-but-not-expecting-anything-profound frame of mind, and it read, “You need a new environment. Try Canada.”

Squawking, I leapt to my feet and mentally galloped to an alternate universe. The waiter rushed over to see if everything was okay. Lunch folks were now observing me with trepidation. Oh goodie, another cracker jack loose in Haight Ashbury! I quickly paid my bill and stumbled out the door.

That message in the cookie was such a perfect answer to what was troubling me. I felt such joy that I was making the right decision to leave San Francisco – and all because a fortune cookie validated the decision! The fact that a waiter had casually reached into a box of fortune cookies and randomly pulled that cookie out for me was simply beyond anything I could comprehend. That’s synchronicity. We might have a couple of THOSE in a lifetime.

Interpreting Synchronicity Like a Dream

Synchronicity is like a dream. If we fail to correctly interpret a dream message, we will have the dream again, and again. Until we do. I must have missed a few signals before this incident with the fortune cookie to push spirit to resort to such an extreme measure. Upon returning to Canada, I watched the news with trepidation. Amazingly, there was a destructive earthquake in October of that year that would have impacted me definitely.

More importantly however, I met my husband just a short month following my return which I felt was the true reason to return to Canada. He was on his way out of town and would only have been around for another month before meeting me. Time was of the essence… get this girl back to Canada now!

Synchronicity is a sacred process to remind us that we are all connected. It’s a signal that wakes us up to this sacred reality of unity and connectedness. I know it has rattled me awake many times in my life and I am always thankful when it happens.

Kathleen Meadows has been a practicing tarot reader in Victoria, BC Canada and online for more than thirty years. You read more about her, her work and videos at https://www.tarotbykathleen.ca.



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I have been having synchronicities, both major and minor, for 11 years. Most of the time they seem quite random, although the FEEL of them is anything but random. It feels orchestrated, sometimes being very intricate and spanning years. Finally at least(partially) figuring out the meaning of a set of synchronicity make it all worth while. I've noticed I get more synchronicities,and thus more clues to the mysteries of life, but actively doing research on the topics of my synchronicities. 

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