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Goals, and other things I learned from skyrim

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I have played Skyrim for many hours. Most of the time it is for distraction from anxiety, and occasionally just for fun or boredom. I am not too into video games, but there are a small handful that I enjoy.

I have discovered my time playing Skyrim is not totally wasted, as I've learned a few things. 

1. Goals are important for maintaining interest in the world. If I just follow the lead of others,and kind of just let myself be "pulled" through life, I find very little satisfaction (except of course for incidental enjoyment, like sensory engagement, like an unexpectedly good meal etc) I have found I can prolong enjoyment of life by setting and striving towards goals of all types. And I've found the most satisfaction from goals comes when there is a real challenge that you aren't sure you will be able to manage. In skyrim, I found that "winning" the game was fun a couple of times, but got boring pretty quick. I had to come up with my own goals, such as specific things like defeating the Ebony Warrior with a bow only. I've also found I need short, medium, and long range goals all going at the same time.

2. Make things challenging. If things are too easy, they aren't really fun or exciting. I need to work for it. There is pride involved. In skyrim, a few times I made my character totally overpowered, and could defeat anything easily. I realized, no challenge, no fun. I didn't just learn this from skyrim of course, but it is an easily relatable idea . 

3. Limits. This is similar to the above two ideas. I know how to cheat, use exploits, and just be clever in the game in order to get what I want. But like the above, this is fun for a bit, then it grows old quickly. If there are no limits to what you can do, there is nothing to work for. I suspect this is one of the reasons God gave us limits in life. Because figuring something out on your own, achieving something against the odds, being clever enough to work with what you have, is much more satifying that having everything handed to you on a platter. 

4. Free will. In the game, there is a mixture of "free will" and "determinism" structured within the set up. There are elements of both. I think that life might be set up like this as well. Some things are bound to happen, while you may have more leeway in other things.


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