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Greetings Unexplained Mysteries, how are you doing?

My name is Xanthurion(2). It's been almost 4 years since my last blog posting. Things have happened.

I've been quite busy these past four years. I've been through three more jobs, two cars, moved a few times, got engaged, had a baby, got a couple dogs, lost a couple dogs, lost some friends (not dead, just turned out to be incompatible), survived a quarantine as an essential worker, and I'm currently in the midst of surviving a toxic workplace, dealing with a piece of shirt car and planning a wedding while raising a toddler.

I've missed this place and all the time I used to spend here but my thirst for knowledge and mystery continues on. Since my current job allows us to use headphones at work, I've been devouring podcasts for the first time ever. I've learned more history and science in the past year than my entire time at school, I think.

The previously mentioned girlfriend in one of my earlier blogs turned out to like me a lot because she agreed to enter a marriage with me and also create a miniature human. Turned out, we weren't ready, but is anyone ever truly ready for parenthood?

I learned how to drive and got a '99 Nissan Altima. But I didn't learn how to properly take care of it so the engine failed after about a year and instead of spending the money to fix it, I sold it to my fiancee's uncle. I then made the terrible decision to buy a newer car from a dealer. Which turned out to be huge mistake. And I've had nothing but problems since I got the car. But I'm almost done with payments. This time I am taking care of it to the best of my ability but it is really trying my patience.

I left McDonald's for a chicken plant. It didn't work out so I went back to Mickey D's and became a manager. It didn't work out so I left and went to Walmart. Stayed for almost two years as a cart attendant, but it wasn't working out financially. So, I got a job closer to home in a different chicken plant. Money is good, commute is practically nonexistent. Environment is like Shrek's swamp. I could make an entirely separate blog about everything that's wrong with this place. Suffice to say, it is miserable but not miserable enough to force me to leave...yet.

I didn't get Covid so that was a bit of luck. Got vaccinated a month or so ago through my workplace so I also got a free t-shirt, which I will probably never wear. I don't want to get political but my heart goes out to everyone that has been affected by this pandemic. And whether you believe in it or not, I think we can all agree that it's great to see the situation getting better and things slowly returning to normal.

Through all of this, my writing and hobbies have been placed on the back burner for a while, which has taken a toll on my mental health. But I'm getting through it. I've had to break old habits that were much more difficult than I thought. I've had to alter my outlook on life, force myself to take control of my life instead of letting others make decisions for me. I've been in situations I never thought I'd be in, done things I never thought I would do, spoken when I would have normally stayed silent, and stayed silent when I wanted to scream. Things have definitely changed drastically in the past four years. I'm not the same as I was. Life broke me and rearranged the pieces and now I'm not sure who I'm looking at when I look in the mirror. When I'm alone at home, I feel like my old self before all of this. But otherwise, I feel different. Like I'm somebody else. Sometimes it's a good feeling, but other times it's very unnerving. I lost a lot of who I used to be but gained a lot of new stuff along the way. And I guess I'm still trying to figure out how all the pieces fit.

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Welcome to adulthood.   Take care of yourself.

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