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Addicted to drama

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Addicted to drama

Today people seek drama, overstate their views, and are seen as heroes. It keeps away boredom and the need to think. Making overstatements lessens the ability to change minds and hearts-
We can speak the truth without the need to make sweeping judgments on those who disagree with us. State it, be real, but we are told not to judge the soul for a reason by Jesus because don't know the soul, that is God's territory.

Truth does not have to be insulting or dripping in anger and sarcasm. That goes for everyone who calls themselves Christian. When we insult, we become just like everyone else, our witnesses watered down-
Violence begets violence, insulting leads to insults, it only continues the chaos in the world. If we as Christians fail to follow the commands of Jesus, how can we expect others to listen? We witness by our love not by insults, against speaking the truth, do not water it down, be firm, yet gentle. -Br.MD
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