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The Theads of Our Lives

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The threads of our lives
Sometimes when I think of God, the image of a weaver comes into my mind. Then I imagine an infinite number of threads being brought together to make some sort of tapestry. All kinds of threads; some thick, others so thin that you can barely see them, some of the strings so strong that they can’t be broken, and others so fragile that the gentleness touch would destroy them unless handled with the greatest of care. Colorful strands, as well as plain. Some beautiful and sleek others so knotted and twisted that it would make one think that they should be cut out entirely, yet are not. All threads are used to make tapestry unique and priceless.
I sometimes think that when we take the time to journal about our lives, to write honestly and without artifice, we also partake with God in bringing our threads to light and working with them.
When someone sits down and simply allows his thoughts to flow, what comes out of that exercise can be a revelation for the writer, for it is then that the many events of our lives, our struggles, and often unconscious reactions can be brought to light. It is a slow process, yet writing in a childlike transparent manner before God can bring healing in ways that were before unthinkable
Our thoughts, our emotions, and our deepest fears are areas of our inner lives that need to be brought to light. So we journal, we weave with God, we learn to look with wonder at what comes out, and are grateful for the ability to at least in some small way to see the tapestry of our lives.
There is no right way to journal, but humility is needed. Some share what they write, others don’t, it does not matter, for each person is unique. The paradox is that the more we see the tapestry; no matter how limited that is, we learn that our struggles are for the most part common to all and in that we learn to have empathy and compassion.-Br.MD
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