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Beast of Bodmin Moor (ABC)

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Beast of Bodmin Moor
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Sacramento Paranormal Help
Drawing by Richard Vasseur
ABC (Alien Big Cat) Sightings:
There are stories, a lot of stories about a ghostly large black cat or cats that roam the lands around Cornwall, England.  Starting in 1978, Bodmin Moor became the hot spot for black cat sightings. Eric Murphy from Liverpool says that in 1982, he spotted a greenish fog that was forming near Bodmin Moor and from that greenish fog, a large black cat appeared.  The cat spied Eric and Eric started panicking.  It was a flight or fight type of situation.  The greenish fog slowly moved towards the black cat and engulfed it.  When the green fog lifted, there was no more cat.  This makes me wonder, if the Beast of Bodmin Moor is some type of interdimensional cryptid that is able to go from its reality to our own reality?  There have been many reports of mutilated livestock that look like they were ripped apart by some wild animal. 
You are probably wondering if Bodmin Moor has enough food supply for a large cat or cats, so they can survive.  Well scientists scoff of the idea that large black cats can live off the surrounding land around Bodmin Moor.  Scientists and biologists say that there is no way a breeding population could survive because of the climate conditions and the food sources to keep these big animals alive.  Bodmin Moor as a reported habitat would be most unlikely according to those scientists and biologists.  Special Note:  I have been to England and rode on a train from London to Edinburgh, Scotland and then took another train to Cardiff, Wales.  Believe me, I kept my eyes open at the surrounding countryside, looking for Alien Big Cats and unfortunately I never saw one. 
You are probably wondering how could big black cats be inhabiting this region?  One hypothesis is that they were imported for private collections or zoos and later escaped or set free.  It is illegal to possess a panther, so no report would be made of an escaped panther.  Mary Chipperfield and animal trainer released 3 pumas into the wild after the closure of of the Plymouth Zoo in 1978 and the start of the legend of the Beast of Bodmin Moor became numerous.
But that doesn't hold water on how these pumas continued to breed, eat and survive.  There has to be more to the story.  The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food did their own investigation into the black cats on July 19, 1995 and found "no verifiable evidence" of exotic black cats roaming the countryside.  As for the mutilated animals, it could have been some other indigenous species that did it.  The government stated there are no big black cats living in or around Bodmin Moor.
So, right after this report was issued to the public, guess what?  On July 24, 1995, a boy walking around the River Fowey found a large cat skull.  This felidae skull measured 4 inches long by 7 inches wide.  It was lacking its lower jaw, but had 3 sharp prominent canines.  It was thought to be the skull of a leopard.  This hit national news and went viral.
According to Wikipedia:
"The skull was sent to the Natural History Museum in London for verification. A team of entomologists and zoologists from the Natural History Museum in London determined that it was a genuine skull from a young male leopard, but also found that the cat had not died in Britain and that the skull had been imported as part of a leopard-skin rug. The back of the skull was cleanly cut off in a way that is commonly used to mount the head on a rug. There was an egg case inside the skull that had been laid by a tropical cockroach that could not possibly be found in Britain. There were also cut marks on the skull indicating the flesh had been scraped off with a knife, and the skull had begun to decompose only after a recent immersion in water."
Well, there goes the evidence of a skull belonging to an ABC.  Was the Natural History Museum in London providing disinformation, or was this an accurate report?  There has to be more to the story, because on December 1997 there were farm animals that had strange bite marks on them and there was some unusual photographs taken with binoculars near St. Austell,Cornwall that showed an adult pregnant female jaguar.
Jessica Mora while vacationing in England, visited the River Camel.  Jessica spied otter in this river and to her surprise a huge black cat jumped into the river and came out with an otter in its mouth.  The Alien Big Cat then scurried away into the countryside.  Jessica says her sighting was in 1992.  Jessica says the most unusual part of the sighting is that when the big cat jumped into the river, it was solid. As the cat ran away with the otter in its mouth, the back side seemed partially invisible.  She could see the outline of its behind, but it seemed transparent.  The cat moved so fast and disappeared just as quickly.  Special Note:  This again has me thinking that this Alien Big Cat is some kind of interdimensional creature.  That is why its behind was transparent.  
Tell me what your thoughts are on Alien Big Cats, you can email me at:*Snip*
Date to be there: July 3, 2021, Saturday. Time to be there: 7pm. Contact Person: Julie. Case # 9B16U743M3955. Activity: A demonic force has possessed Julie and makes her do things that she does not want to do, also the possession causes her to lose certain body functions. She is asking for an investigation, baptism and house blessing. Address to be at: *Snip* - Dan Todd of Paranormal Miners referred Julie to us.  Special Note:  Julie contacted me and informed me that she lives with her in-laws and her in-laws do not want a paranormal group at their home.  Julie says that she has an entity that has taken over her body and is causing her extreme pain.  I talked with Julie for a good while over the phone and explained to her how to self-bless her home and I suggested that she should go to a church and get a full submersion baptism, to get rid of her attachment, that is a basic form of exorcism and most people that I have baptized have told me their attachment has immediately left after the full submersion.  I wish her well and hope she follows through.
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