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Tarot By Kathleen

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July, Astrological Sign Cancer and the Tarot Moon Card




A curious and balanced mix of creative and organized, Cancerians are the ones you call upon when you’re thinking about renovating/decorating your home or need some motivational inspiration. They inhabit homes you never want to leave. As you look around, so many fascinations to snag your attention. Symmetry at every glance but not so matchy, matchy that it looks like a Martha Stewart catalogue. Unique, homey, creative, cozy, lush typically describe their hearth and home which is important to them. I’ve never met a Cancerian that was indifferent to the way their home looked and felt. It is after all the Cancer’s shell; their place of refuge, comfort, safety and privacy.

Hardworking, with a skill-like-magic of motivating others to become so too, Cancerians are the only ones who can herd cats with apparent ease. They are organized folk, yet with such aplomb, you hardly notice. You will never meet a Cancerian hoarder. When they are done with something, out it goes to make room for the new. They completely redo their homes and personal images at breakneck speed.

There are some rules, however you’d be wise to abide if you want all the goodies Cancerians have to offer. If you’re married to or work with one, let them know how appreciative you are of their efforts. They don’t like to be taken advantage of and if they suspect they are, they will simply pack up their loveliness and march off to better pastures. They quit relationships and jobs with a knife edged swipe that’s eye popping. Oh they’ll wail out their emotional distress for all to hear because they are gifted at expressing the most complex of emotional subtlety but over is over. When water changes direction, it’s devastating.

Cancer is the Home of the Moon

Cancer corresponds with the Moon card in the Tarot because the house of Cancer is the home of the Moon. In the Tarot, the Moon card points to what is shifting beneath conscious awareness. It’s about dreams, visions, rumours, senses that are difficult to justify but you KNOW they’re real. Moonie, Loonie (not the CDN $) consciousness, describes that craziness that is evident when the full moon shines brightly in the night sky.

Where was the Moon located when you were born? You likely know your Sun sign but do you know where the Moon was? Those with a Cancer moon tend to get slightly paranoid when under pressure and follow their heart’s song so relentlessly that it often leads them into a tangle of trouble. If you have a Moon in Cancer you’d be wise indeed to start paying serious attention to your dreams! Cancer moons can fall into a sort of hopeless self-pity and can benefit from a rousing party, raucous with laughter and sharing.

The Moon card is classically described as a “difficult” card. I disagree. I think it points to the other side of your biography. It’s the story of your imagination and when it comes up in a reading, it will point to a pressing need to become more aware of these unconscious processes because they are fuelling the agenda in your life at present. You’re having “spidey senses” about a situation that are on target and you should be attending closely to their direction. In the warning position, the Moon may be suggesting there are problems looming in your feeling life or your health.

Our Unconscious Manifests in Our Lives as “Fate”

Wherever the moon is positioned in your astrological chart, it points to that aspect of you that is underdeveloped because it’s unconscious. What remains in our unconscious minds, unguided by the light of the Sun, manifests in our lives as fate. It’s raw, powerful energy will push us to make decisions and take actions that are often later, regrettable. If you have a Moon in Taurus for example, you’re vulnerable to runaway materialism that keeps pushing your workaholism. Like a hamster on a wheel, you run harder and harder to keep up with your impulsive expenditures, and pleasure-seeking gambling addictions.

If you have a Moon in Aries, you may be attracted to every trend without considering whether it suits you. You dash from one passing interest to the next eventually filling a garage, basement, attic with items that caught your fancy in a moment. Snowboards, skis, gadgets of every description, balls, exercise equipment…a garage sales dream come true except you never get to the garage sale because you lose interest in that before the signs are even down.

Knowing where the Moon was located at our birth is as valuable as understanding your Sun sign because it will rule your emotional life. We can be romantically (addictively!) attracted to someone whose Sun sign corresponds with our Moon sign. If your Moon is in Taurus, it’s highly likely there have been Taurus’s playing a significant role in your emotional life.

I wish you a glorious July. Ponder your waking and sleeping dreams this month and see where their guidance is leading you. It will undoubtedly bring you unexpected joy and surprise.

Kathleen taught the Tarot for more than twenty years and has been reading online for more than 25 years. To read more of Kathleen’s articles and view her online videos visit her web site https://www.psychicanada.com.



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