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Tarot By Kathleen

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Symbols vs signs



Spiritual Guidance & the Language of Symbols

The most evolved guides in the celestial realm, communicate using the language of symbols. To glean the full benefit of spiritual guidance being downloaded to you continuously from the celestial kingdom, make universal, archetypal and personal symbols an ongoing study discipline.

Symbols are different from signs. Signs have a singular meaning whereas a symbol has many. A STOP road sign for example, has one meaning but the number 9 as a symbol has many meanings, both collective and personal. If you see the number 9 appearing everywhere, ask yourself what has reached its zenith and/or fullness recently. What may now or should at this stage, turn around into decline or shrink? What change have you been preparing for and now is here, such as a birth? Numbers are a celestial language. Every number carries a rich store of meaning! Each star, planet, constellation and celestial configuration carries messages and meanings that may unfold over a lifetime.

Symbols appear in our dreams, visions, and in the action of synchronicity. Synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence whereby two events feel related but are non-causal. For example, you may be thinking of an item and later that same day a friend shows up with it as a gift. Or you may see this item pop up in several different contexts over a period of days. After finally noticing this object appear several times, we may exclaim, “What the heck is this about?!”

A woman had an agreement with her dying mother that when she saw a certain flower, she would recognize this vision as evidence that her mother’s spirit was present from the spirit world she was soon to inhabit. She saw this flower or heard mention of it at significant crossroads in her life. She visited a medium for a reading and the first utterance from the medium was THE flower! She was thrilled in the assurance that this medium indeed had the gift and would be able to help her connect directly with her mother. She often described this as one of the most exciting moments of her life which had changed her and altered her path forever. We all need assurance that there is life after death. That was the reason Spiritualism was brought to humanity in the 19th century.

A symbol that is revealed multiple times to you is demanding your attention and should not be ignored. This message may transform your life dramatically, possibly even one that will shift you back onto your destiny path.

Grandpa and the Horse

I often receive random visions while speaking with a client. It might be a flower, animal, letter, number or photograph. I’ve learned to embrace it because, although the symbol doesn’t carry significant meaning for me, it often does for the client. I kept seeing a horse while speaking with a client recently. When I described it, he became excited and said, “My grandfather often reminisced having ridden a horse when he was a soldier!” It was such a warm and comforting symbol for him, it would have been a shame to miss it.

Symbols appear to us individually and collectively. Crop circles would be an example of a collective symbol, and similarly, recent deep, sink holes have been appearing all over the planet. Archetypically, circles remind us of the earth, the sun, womb, cycles, and justice. Sink holes may point to dark secrets about to be revealed, or having the bottom randomly drop out of our lives.

Spiritual Messages are Like Recurring Dreams

Our guides in the celestial realm seem intentionally to ramp the drama until we can't ignore them any longer. They needn’t always be warnings. Sometimes the messages are positive and uplifting, especially if we’ve been feeling discouraged and lonely.

What recurring symbols have been appearing to you in your dreams and waking life? If you look at your life as a compilation of symbols, what is the underlying message? You might wonder why spirit is so cryptic in its language! Likely because the symbol is the most comprehensive and singular conveyance of a message that may be too multilayered to convey in simple language.

As we live through a time that promises to be challenging in its constant change, acknowledging and interpreting the symbols personally and collectively have become a critical skill. When feeling confused or fearful, remember to say, “I need the aid, and the guidance, and influence of spiritual powers.” Observe, listen, trust and understand your symbols. The more you work to develop this skill, the better you will be at receiving and interpreting those precious spiritual messages.

Kathleen has been a practicing tarot reader for 30+ years in Canada and online. She has a youtube channel and you can read more of her articles at https://www.psychicanada.com.


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