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Nighttime battle




Last night I woke up around 2:00 AM to the sound of something scratching behind my bedroom wall. I thought it might be a mouse, but the noise was much louder than the scratching noises that the mice usually make. 

I turned on the bedside lamp, and suddenly there was a large bat flying in circles right above my head.

I mentally reviewed my Emergency Bat Protocols, then jumped out of bed, grabbed my pillow, and ran across the hall to the other bedroom to open the big window that doesn’t have a window screen on it. 

And then back into the hallway, where the bat was swooping and diving, and I was ducking and weaving, almost like Muhammad Ali’s rope-a-dope tactic, though this time I was on the losing end. 

My mind was racing with thoughts of rabies, and painful rabies shots, and there may even have been a few thoughts about vampires, but I strengthened my resolve, and slowed my breathing, and prepared my heart for battle. As the bat spun around and dove at me, I lifted up my pillow and, using his own sonar abilities against him, maneuvered him into the bedroom and out through the open window. I felt victorious, and relieved, and a bit winded.

I don’t know how that bat got inside my house, but I’m thinking it may have  made a hole in the wire mesh that’s inside the roof vent. If that’s the case, then the bat will likely round up his bat friends and begin colonizing my bedroom walls. This could be a long, drawn-out battle. 


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Still Waters


My husband's late sister woke the house up screaming one night, it turned out there was a bat flying around in her bedroom. It was dark and she couldn't see what it was. She always slept with the window open so it must have got in that way. Anyway the bat was ushered back out the window and that was that. I should add they didn't have vampire bats, so no worries, the bat was harmless.

Even after all the years since it happened it's one of those fond memories of her we still smile about. "Remember that time when.....

Good luck with your bats simplybill. :) 

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