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Tarot By Kathleen

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Libra and the Tarot card Justice




October and May are my two favourite, transitional months of the year. October is the time of Libra and the Justice Tarot card.

Librans are Not Perfect Despite What They Want You to Believe

Librans have a refined sense of justice which gets translated into decisions and choices not driven by passion, but rather by the cool-headed, intellectual, balanced, logical, and objective position they are capable of when at their highest and best. Not surprisingly, a disproportionate number of Librans are lawyers, judges and mediators. They are sublimely capable of holding the middle line, debating rather magnificently both sides of an argument without degrading to graceless name-calling, yelling and bullying.

This cool-headedness can trigger anger in their friends, partners and colleagues who expect them to perennially take up the baton on their side.  There is nothing so lovely as having a Libran on your side and nothing so horrid as the opposite.  A friend or colleague can be blind-sided when the Libran doesn’t support their point-of-view.  No need to fear, those of you in a close dance with a Libran, Librans aren’t any more perfect than any of the other signs. It’s just in the arena of Justice that their gifts shine.

Careers are critically important to Librans, as are their lover relationships. The scales of Justice being their central symbol and demonstrating a gift in finding balance in duality, all is far from rosy when the Libran’s world tilts out of balance. Never forget that Libra is the sign of war!  Their moodiness is mercurial, often plagued with addiction, anxiety, and insecurity. Librans can be monetarily tight-fisted, self-centred and disingenuous. This is because they more highly value logic over intuition, relegating matters of the heart to the unconscious, and wild terrain.  If you know a Libran well, their emotionally sticky, underdeveloped and raw pity-party tendencies will be an old familiar tune.

Librans Do Best with Fire

Air is their element.  The cool breeze of logic, evaluation, feverishly weighing the pros and cons.  Assessment and measurement are their guiding lights.  Keeping everything in perspective is critical because when a Libran’s world is getting rocked with insecurity, there’s big trouble on the horizon for those close by.  Particularly financial or relationship insecurity.  They become curt, moody and downright nasty if they’re feeling insecure! This unfortunately can make them a difficult sign to partner in love and business.  Typically, a Libran will have many partners in their lifetime often living their final years in sad singlehood.  If there is one partner who can weather the Libran storms, qualities like humility, and/or patent self-absorption are their strengths.  They seem best able to sustain long term business and lover relationships with an Aries or Sagittarius, for example.

When Librans are happy, they are delightful!  Witty, affectionate, and tasteful they can have a bevy of lifelong friends who care deeply for them.

The Justice card in the Tarot not surprisingly finds its meaning in Libra. The Justice card is defined by objectivity, balance, and fairness.  When the Justice card is in a favourable position, it points to a karmic/dharmic adjustment: You’re getting your just desserts.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  If you’re facing a court situation and the Justice card is turned over, it suggests you’re in for a win. I don’t, however, believe that’s necessarily true.  It’s more likely that this court case will be pivotal in warping your destiny path.  If the Justice card is turned over in a difficult position, you are in for a rough ride of injustices, conflict, oppression and possibly war.

Now that we are in a time of Libra, we can take some cues from their gifts, priorities, and weaknesses.  Are we being fair? How are we being judgemental, emotional, and biased? With the world spiraling down a rabbit hole of chaos, it’s a critical time to accept this challenge personally, professionally, and globally. Working to be Libran-like and holding the middle line will aid us in remaining free of the temptation to join a stereo-type driven division of black and white camps.  Keeping in mind that no one camp is all-right or all-wrong.   It’s okay not to decide or at least suspend judgement until more information is available.

Stereotypes are For Sissies

The classic joke about a Libra who cannot decide, points indeed to an affectation of their fail-safe position.  The wait-let’s-see, caution-laden approach protects them from jumping irrationally to judge and decide.  Landing on a choice they might later regret is a plague to a Libran! Having taken up the position of the betrayer, persecutor and bully may drive the poor Libran to Olympian heights of self-recrimination and depression. Be warned! They/we may never recover.   As infuriating as it is to witness a Libran agonizing over a decision, nudging them to choose now will likely march you to the well of regret yourself.  But this is when we need to get behind the Libran and take their lead in waiving judgement. Human affairs are never black and white. Stereotyping is for spaghetti westerns, cartoons, and soap operas.   It has no place in real life.

This is a time to suspend judgement.  Ideally, you will disconnect from the large media outlets who are guilty of promoting positions that are controversial, simplistic, and discordant to keep the money flowing in their direction. Remain aware of your own passions and how they might be colouring your perceptions of what’s right and wrong.  Enjoy this glorious month and delay judgement.  The best, regret-free decisions and choices are made within a crucible of intuition, intellect, emotional intelligence, and spiritual love.  That magical recipe in precise measure takes time. A time which is not now.

Kathleen is a practicing psychic Tarot reader in Canada and online and has been for almost forty years. You can read more of her articles at https://www.psychicanada.com.



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Curiosity got the best of me, as I had noticed that this was your previous entry to your next one, where I have just come from, and there left a few comments.

I say curiosity because I'm a Libra, based on my birthday. And I noticed that justice was being associated with that particular astrological sign. Not that I put much faith in cards, but the association to justice, if not a coincidence, would possibly explain my infatuation with justice, absolute justice, to be specific, justice wise. And possibly it can explain my admiration, and my near god-like adoration for one named Socrates, who spent just about all his time trying to be just. But just only when it came to absolute justice. However what absolute justice is, and where to find it, once we think we know what is, has been a matter of endless dispute. Some say that absolute justice does not exist, and it's only man-made justice that is within our reach, although some others say that even man-made justice is no justice all. And since man-made justice is seen as blindfolded, it certainly cannot find us, can it? Could it be that Socrates was a Libra too?

Justice and the Libra sign, can it be just a mere coincidence? Or could it be that astrologers had some to do with how justice, an abstract idea, is physically represented? Artistically, whether painted or sculptured statues, we have a blindfolded maiden holding a scale, a weighing instrument, the Libra sign, on one hand, and a sword in the other. 

In mythology a Libra is related to the Greek Goddess of Justice, Themis, the Greek mythology version of Atalanta (meaning balanced), and Astraea (daughter of Themis), who went up to heaven and became the constellation of Virgo, and carried the scales of justice, which is the constellation Libra.


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