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Dulce Warriors (Book Review)

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Name: Dulce Warriors
Publisher: Inner Light/Global Communications
Author: Timothy Green Beckley, Sean Casteel and Tim R. Swartz
Overviewed: Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective 


Comments: Dulce Warriors is a magnificent book, filled with enlightening information.  This is Timothy Green Beckley's last book.  Timothy passed away on May 31, 2021.  It breaks my heart knowing that such an incredible person like Timothy contributed so much to the paranormal community with his insight and knowledge on all things unknown.  I appreciate the heroic efforts of Sean Casteel and Tim R. Swartz for getting this last book out.  This book is dedicated to the memory of Timothy and some of his greatest colleagues share their heartfelt thoughts about Timothy in this book.  Timothy was truly a legend and his legacy will live on forever.  His creative force through his writing, radio shows will be ingrained into the Akashic Records for eternity.  The body may be gone, but his spirit lives on.  His last book is a magnificent work of brilliance.  In this book you will get information on the teen ufology movement.  Allen Greenfield explains in this book on how he met Timothy and how they investigated the Brown Mountain Lights.  Tim R. Swartz talks about his interview with J. Allen Hynek and when Timothy Beckley heard this interview, he sought out Tim R. Swartz and they bonded instantly.  A Ufologist legend (Timothy Beckley) meets another Ufologist legend (Tim R. Swartz).  As you move along with this book, you see how the Dulce mythology started.  Enter Paul Bennewitz.  Paul communicated with aliens at Dulce, made claim that there was an underground base at Dulce, etc.  Some people think Paul might be a nut job and some people think the Dulce lore has some truth to it.  Sean Casteel details in his write up the sad story of Paul Bennewitz who was not victimized by aliens, but victimized by our shadowy government. Sean provides information about the mysteries of Dulce, through the words of Norio Hayakawa.  Norio says that many UFO sightings happen at Dulce and the paranormal phenomena continues up to the present day.  In cases like this there is a lot of disinformation that is put out by government operatives.  I am very familiar with this, since I worked as a 97 Bravo (Intelligence Analyst) in Seoul, Korea.  I was a witness to disinformation that was put out to North Korea.  Everything you want to know about Dulce is right here in this book.  There is even talk about the rumor that human cloning experiments were being conducted between Dulce labs and the bio-genetic facility at Los Alamos.  The book is entitled Dulce Warriors and the authors and contributors of this book are your first echelon of Dulce Warriors as they get the critical information out to a captive UFO themed audience.   There were many contributors to this book and I will just name a few: Ben Eno, Ben Hanson, Joshua P. Warren and many more!  If a movie was to be made about Dulce, this book would be the perfect guide for that movie!  Get enlightened, read this book!

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Have you ever considered coming to New Mexico to visit the sites that have alleged UFO activity and crashes, as well as alleged underground bases?   If so I can recommend places for you to go.   I think people have a lot of misinformation about the things that go on in New Mexico.  You can't filter out the truth if you don't understand the culture, history and environment.

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