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The Haunted Apartment Complex




The Haunted Apartment Complex
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Received a call from Maggie.  In regard to Case # 91B667C044P23.  Maggie and her husband live in an apartment complex that is very haunted, when you walk into the place, it has a creepy feeling.  In 13 years, the apartment complex had 11 deaths.  Deaths that resulted in murder, suicide (suicide victim shot himself in the stomach and bled to death), cancer, heart failure and other causes of death.  During video chats that Maggie does, people sometimes will tell her that there is someone behind her and there is no one there.  Whispering is heard in the apartment.  There was one time, the entity was sitting on the front porch of her apartment and her son told her a man was waiting for her, and when she opened the door, there was no one there.  Lights flicker in the apartment and one time she actually saw the entity, a man walk up to her porch and then vanish.  When she is trying to sleep, a disembodied voice of a man will whisper in her ear.  There are 16 units in this apartment complex and since she has lived there, 6 people have died, but altogether 11 people in total.  There are times when there is dead silence, birds are not chirping, no sounds are heard at all.  She believes her husband may be possessed, his eyes at times will turn black and he will become angry for no reason at all.  She has heard the name Robert whispered in her ear and she found out the man that was murdered was named Robert.  This case was brought to my attention by Sally Howard.  I am instructing Maggie on what to do to cleanse her home and highly suggested that her husband get a full submersion baptism (a basic form of exorcism) to get rid of his attachment. 
These are the instructions that I gave to Maggie to cleanse her own home and the purpose of the full submersion baptism:
Special Note from Paul Dale Roberts
Apartments are very hard to cleanse, because if there are a lot of apartments in a complex, haunting activities can bleed over from one apartment to another apartment.  You may cleanse one apartment and then a couple of weeks later, the apartment that you cleansed is now haunted again, because the apartment next to it was also haunted.  I hope with the instructions that I provided for Maggie, that something clicks (something works).  I will conduct follow ups with Maggie and see how things progress. 
Below are our latest upcoming investigations:
Date to be there: 10/30/2021, Saturday. Time to be there: 6pm. Address to be at: xxxxxx Golden Pines Court, Auburn, CA. Contact Person: Melissa / Case #5P30Y575K80G60. Activity & History: Melissa owns two homes on 10 acres of property. There are many animals on this property. Native American Indians settled on this land, there are rocks on the property that show telltale signs of Native American Indian use. Strange noises are heard in the house. Doors open and close on their own. 6 Weeks ago, a large tree branch broke off an old tree and when that happened the paranormal activity increased. Friends that have visited have heard someone running up the back steps and when they looked, there was no one there. A friend was bitten by an unseen force. After the bite, circles of bruising was seen on her body. A pale figure was seen in the kitchen. An entity was watching Melissa from the kitchen window. Medicine cabinet opens by itself. Heard son talking and when she checked on her son, he was not there, the entity was mimicking her son's voice. A ghostly woman has been seen in the house. Slamming doors are heard at night. Ghostly footsteps are sometimes heard.

Date to be there: 11/6/2021, Saturday. Time to be there: 6pm. Address to be at: xxxxx South White Rock Road, Rancho Cordova. Contact Person: Tareta / Case # 9H16R693K26M27. Tareta's child says there is a monster in the hallway. Metal door shakes on its own. Husband's arm is burning for no reason. Shadow man seen in hallway. Tareta is choked by an unseen force. Tareta's son is scratched by an unseen force. Tareta thinks she may have brought the entity home from the Holbrook Hotel, where she was ghost hunting at.


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