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Tarot By Kathleen

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Gratitude as a Spiritual Path




It’s my birthday this month. I’ve witnessed since crossing the 60’s threshold 7 years ago, that my wants have narrowed and my feelings of reverence and gratitude have grown.  I’m healthy, independent and capable. What more can a woman ask for at any age?  It’s declared that we return to a childlike state as we gallop into old age. This is an unfoldment I witness in myself that delights and often catches me by surprise.

As often as I possibly can throughout the year, I climb onto my e-steed and ride the streets of Victoria filled with a joy that is beyond weeping.  On rainy/windy days, I don my ski jacket and dart along the glorious streets of my neighbourhood, calling out, “Hello” to neighbours and fellow walkers.  Sometimes just for fun, I hop a bus and head for downtown to grab a coffee and sweet in one of my favourite cafes.  These simple pleasures remind me that life is the most glorious spent in the moment; that irreplaceable, one-off moment that I have no interest in wasting. Waste not, want not, becomes one of the mantras of the aged and at the top of that list is time. As Jim Rohn said, “Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money but you cannot get more time.”

Having been genetically blessed with an almost eidetic memory, I now forget the darndest things. Conversely, situations that would have savagely annoyed me, I glance over.  I’m more focused and possess a heightened awareness that fosters a talent to get into “flow”. I’m more mindful of what I’m doing in my surroundings which translates into a calm, steady pace that takes me to a satisfied completion, less stressed, rushed, or self conscious.

Respectable Elder/Crone

People treat us differently as we enter the realm of the elder.

We don’t have to collapse into it entirely but being aware enables us to use it to our benefit.  Yes. Believe it or not, there are benefits to joining the ranks of the aged.  Expectations drop, allowing room to challenge stereo types and relish a satisfying and rude belly laugh especially on ourselves.

As we’re approaching the check-out counter in a place that promises a “senior discount”, my husband pronounces redundantly, “We’re old.”  The check out clerk quickly glances at me seeking permission to laugh.  Because, as the female in the pair, this “we” confession is supposedly and possibly an offence.  I laugh to assure them I’m not the least perturbed.  I AM old and darn proud of it.


I forgot my gloves at a counter in a bit of a muddle putting my wallet away in a new purse recently and an observant and kind fellow grabbed my husband’s arm, “Are these yours (referring to my gloves)?” Erich answered, “Probably” evoking nearby snickers.  I joked, “That’s just his optimism”, and everyone guffawed.  Forgetting to grab my gloves is odd for me. But that’s hardly the cusp of it.  Buying something and getting home to discover I already have two in the cupboard; misplacing the right word or terminology in my brain; forgetting someone’s name I should be able to recall easily, are occurring more frequently.

I struggle to let these mishaps pass without panicking.  My keen memory has always been a reliable friend and it sorely pains me to see her go.  I’m doing everything possible to hold onto what remains.  Recently, I re-visited a study of a second language (which has been great fun); sewing and learning new techniques, patterns and fabrics; writing and reminiscing with friends and family; exercising daily and changing it up to challenge my brain along with my body are all helping significantly.  I don’t give up easily and I don’t back away from a titillating challenge.

It never hurts to do a thorough examination and assessment regarding what in your life needs to be revised, tossed or embraced.  I honour birthdays more with culling than accumulating.

Scorpio & the High Priestess

The Tarot card for Scorpio is the High Priestess, our Spiritual Mother. Like Scorpio, she is the mystic, dream interpreter, card reader, wise woman of the Tarot.  Her element is water and she reminds us that we came from spirit and it is to spirit we will return.  We listen to her guidance or she will knock us down with depression, neurosis, self harm, materialism or any number of maladies which emerge when we fail to position our spiritual health at the pivot point of all our decisions.

The High Priestess’ guidance may be severe, painful on the ears and heart, insensitive and bald.  Simultaneously freeing. She points the way to freedom but reminds us the cost isn’t cheap. November is a fitting month for the High Priestess.  It’s at the centre of the luminous, transitional time of the year.  I wish you a glorious and spiritual month!  Pay special attention to the High Priestess in your psyche/soul.  What does your intuition say is HER message to you this month? Strain to hear her message above the racket and follow her guidance.

Blessings Kathleen


The High Priestess in the Tarot

She represents the connection to and influence of the unconscious mind, the misty, inspirational dimensions of thought and intellect that create the vision for the conscious mind of the Magician to follow.  She symbolizes spiritual enlightenment, inner illumination, connection to your instincts and intuition, and being in touch with your inner spiritual guidance.  She reveals matters affected by emotional concerns, hidden factors, psychic feelings and hunches, compulsions and automatic responses.  She is pure Moon energy at its best.

Kathleen Meadows is a practicing Tarot reader in Canada and online. You can read more of her work at https://www.psychicanada.com.  She also has a youtube channel where she has posted videos.


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You certainly are capable, as far as I can read. Eloquence is a capability given only to a few, and not to the many. And I'm one of the few making comments, so far, the only one, but one of the many, as far as the gift of eloquence. I borrow from the gifted, but I always seem to mess it up when I use it, somehow. 

I'm a prospective new blogger to be, and visiting this blog section of unexplained mysteries, trying to get a feel for what bloggers do, and why, since it's still a mystery to me.

Happy birthday, by the way. I noticed the opener, and I take it that you are 67? if I can add two and two together, that is.  Around my age, and how you bear the years is of interest to me, since we are both at the point which the poets call the threshold of old age. Senior citizens, is what the state considers us. You will hear no disagreement from me on the childish behavior returning with age. Although I have to admit that I never grew up, and I cannot say, with any certainty, if old age has more or less a bearing on my childishness. Is there a way to measure the level of childishness?  Time, perhaps? Every time I look in the mirror these days, I see a total stranger. I'm not the child I think I am. And I blame time for making me look old, a strange inquisitive old man.

Time is a timeless mystery all on its own, as who really knows where time comes from, or where it's going? Is it going to end? I know it's here now, in this present moment, but the moment quickly slips by. Where and/or when did time begin? I can share with you, that time has been my main preoccupation in these senior years, as I always wonder where did time go? I agree with you that we need to live only in the present moment, because this present moment was never in the past, nor will it ever be in the future. All of time is but a fleeting moment, in eternity.

From the prospective of an aged observer, I would say not to worry about memory loss. If you cannot remember that you had it, you have nothing to lose. However, if you can remember that you once possessed a keen memory, it ain't slipping away, your are recollecting what you once had.

Can cards really foretell the future? How?

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