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In the eyes of God, only love will give value to what you do






In the eyes of God, only love will give value to what you do

“You know you must give great importance to the very little things of every passing moment because in My eyes, the eyes of God, only love will give value to what you do. I tell you this often because I don’t want you to lose anything. You can be so rich at so little expense and you can enrich others too. So take notice of every little thing. Give everything to love; and aim at perfection in all your work in order to please Me more and to make up for past flaws. Do you realize that a single one of such moments can make amends for an entire life? Whatever you do, do it well, looking at Me and asking Me for My glory. And God will bless you. “Lord, help me.

Bossis, Gabrielle. He and I (Kindle Locations 1365-1370). Pauline Books and Media. Kindle Edition.


I have never arrived at the place where I am aware of the present moment on a continual basis. I often forget God altogether, and it is then that I begin to feel my fatigue more intensely. The inner world has a strong pull on me, especially what is closest to the surface. Yet these are also fed by what has happened from the past, perhaps many times over. So my anxiety, or anger, or sloth, come from a deep place. An area that I am often unaware of, or perhaps always not cognizant of its power over me.

However, it is not all grim. Perhaps one of the gifts of aging is that I am now slowly becoming aware of the little things, and seeing how beautiful they are; as well as their giftedness. I suppose taking what is around me for granted is a great loss, especially when these ‘little things’ can bring me into the presence of God in a way that is simple, grounding, and often brings out great joy.

It is hard for me to grasp that I am a creature that is made of love, for love, and until I find ‘that love’ I will slowly go mad. Constant agitation, seeking escape from the inner emptiness that is often experienced as such, but is, in reality, a way of numbing the simple pain that existence does bring. Perhaps this is a great gift of God, allowing us to numb ourselves until we are ready to deal with it. Even it is only on our death bed.

Drug addiction and all addictions even the so-called small ones are an attempt to deal with this inner existential pain. It always fails, at least for me, it does. Yes, I am ‘mad’ without the grounding of prayer, and my soul being fed by God’s grace.

Lately, I received a very negative note from a ‘classmate’ who I like, though did not know him in High School. He was quiet and did not garner much notice, yet I did remember him, so he must have made an impression. As I was reading the note, it made me wonder why as a species we feel the need to figure others out, and then try to fix them. Why do I indeed have an inner experience that points to my own inner alienation? It was quite long and involved, and of course, letting me have it for being an idol worshipper, and telling me why I was Catholic, and what I believe, and I guess he thinks I am also going to hell. I still like him, and will not respond. Also, it might not be from him at all. It is easy, or so it seems, for some to break into our pages and steal our name and post.

In the presence of Infinite Love, when in prayer, slowly over time the need to prove oneself to others lessens, since we are seen and known, and in spite of that, loved by God. I do not understand myself too well, and I am OK with that. I still try to grow in self-knowledge but believe that like the iceberg what is underneath the surface is far vaster than what is seen.

Each day is a lifetime, and all I need do is to get through it, and try to come to its conclusion, hopefully, a little more loving by God’s grace. If not, well tomorrow is another lifetime to keep on moving in trust towards the arms of our Infinite loving Father.

The little things in life are powerful. They can lead to a deeper love of the big things in life, and just as my decisions in small matters helps me to be wise in larger ones Conversely small acts of love towards God and others will deepen into deeper love, which is what we are made of, for we are the image and likeness of God.-Br.MD







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