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Speak your mind gently​




Speak your mind gently

We are a mystery to one another, which is as it should be since we are mysteries to ourselves as well.

When someone tries to convince me of something I do not agree with, it can cause me to take a stance that comes across as more extreme than it really is.
Politics is a good case in point. I stay away from that hot topic since it can only lead to more dissension, which we have more than enough of.

Speak your mind gently, from your conscience, and don't worry about how it affects others. We all plant seeds in each other's hearts, for good or bad,
which can take root later, much later. The issues today are so diverse, and so many, and so impossible, that all we can do is to do the best we can,

I believe that when Christ became man, his greatest suffering was that he saw 'true'. I do not believe that I see true at all but through a fog of subjectivity that can blind me and make me deaf to others.

We all want to be seen, heard, and accepted. Yet it can be hard to extend that to others. I find that it takes a lot of energy to let go of my own ideas for even a
few minutes to listen to the perspective of another. Often people when taken seriously respond by toning down their own arguments and listening as well.
When we feel that we are heard many defenses often come down and actual communications can happen.

An agreement may not be reached, but violence can be diffused. It is not easy for me to stay connected to the reality that Christ lives in me,
and works through me. It is only by daily prayer that this reality can become more real, and grow.-Br.MD



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Mark, I don't know if I should drop my comments here, now that I think about. It's a ton of words I recently got inspired to write. I have them in draft form since Monday, and I have modified them a few times, adding and taking away as the inspirations came and went. This morning the inspiration were more powerful, forceful, as I had little to do but type, changing and adding more than I was thinking to do myself. It's been whittled down some, but more added after the main whittle. But it's still a considerable wall of words. Our forum section neighbors would never read more than a line or two, at best, if at all.

I don't want to continue hijacking your blog, as it also seems to me that's what is happening, although not intentional, I assure you.

Therefore let me know if I should just leave, as I have taken advantage of your hospitality, and may be overstaying my welcome. I apologize, sincerely.

And may God be with us, even when we are just talking to ourselves.


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Please post, I will read what you have to say for sure.   My responses will not so long LOL, but you are a good writer and have somethling
to say.



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After Thanksgiving, and Black Friday. I'll think some more before posting, as it contains a little admonishing, but not for anyone here at UM. just to the wealthy.

Brotherly Love and Peace


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