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Visalia Human Torch



Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations


As I mentioned before, I get a lot of calls on the paranormal hotline and some people merely want to tell their stories.  I recently received a call from "Dave" in Visalia, CA.  Dave does not want to be fully identified, because people will say he is crazy.  Dave claims that on July 2014 at 4am, he was on Boyer Lane in Visalia and saw a very bright object in the sky.  Dave's car stalled and the lighted object was now directly above him.  Dave remembers the object was disc shaped with many lights.  On the top half of the UFO he could see windows.  In those windows were humans wearing some type of blue uniform.  With the human looking occupants were two beings that seemed like they were on fire.  Dave says he then blacked out and when he awoke back up, his car was now running and the object was gone.  Dave does not remember anything else about the encounter.  Dave said according to his cell phone, it was now 6:15am.  Somehow, he was unable to remember anything from after 4am to 6:15am.  In 2015, Dave had a vivid nightmare and he dreamed he was placed into an upright glass container.  Looking at Dave, were the two fire creatures.  Dave says that they were humanoid, but seemed to be completely on fire.  The fire surrounding their bodies was red and orange.  In this dream, Dave yells at the creatures...."who are you?"  One of the fire creatures says his name was Igeis, pronounced Ig-e-is.  Ig-e-is claimed he lived on a star and that they feed off energy.  Igeis then placed his right hand outward and a ring of light shot out from his hand and went into Dave's stomach area.  Dave says that it didn't hurt.  Dave then woke up from his dream and Dave was drenched in sweat.  Dave feels that this dream, may be memories that are coming back to him.  I suggested to Dave that he should have hypnosis past-life regression done, so he can obtain his memories of the encounter.  Dave says that maybe he will do this, but right now he is too scared to find out what happened on that Summer morning.  I also asked Dave why he was out at 4am and Dave says he was leaving his girlfriend's house and headed back to his house.  Dave says that he is not out for fame and glory and that is why he wants to remain anonymous.  Dave wants to deliver his story to others and see if anyone else has experienced anything like this.  Dave asked me if I knew of any encounters with fire creatures.  The only thing I could provide were two stories that I know of.  I asked Dave how he communicated with the creature in his dream and Dave says through telepathy.  He says that the creature was speaking in a different language, but yet he was able to understand the creature.

The first story is the Felixstowe Fire Demon.  This happened in Felixstowe, England.  On September 20, 1965, sometime in the evening, 3 people in a vehicle spotting something
unusual.  They were 25 year old Geoffrey Maskey and his passengers Mavis Fordyce and Michael Johnson.  At some point of time Maskey pulled the car over and the three of them had a nice conversation about their partying adventures that evening.  All of a sudden Johnson stopped talking and started staring in the woods, like he was in a trance.  Johnson didn't say anything and started walking out into the woods.  Maskey and Fordyce thought nothing of it and thought Johnson went into the woods to relieve himself.  Johnson while in the woods saw an oval shaped orange object hovering in the sky, making a humming noise.  The following day Johnson recovered his senses and when his friends came to visit, he told them of his harrowing encounter with an ostensibly alien entity in the woods next to Walton Avenue. Johnson claimed that when he abruptly got out of the car the night before, he was compelled to do so by an unknown “force” which insisted that he go into the woods.  Johnson when deep in the woods encountered a humanoid with large sloping eyes and was engulfed in orange flames.  When he saw the humanoid, he blacked out.  Johnson never disclosed on what happened to him, after he blacked out.   

When I was stationed in Nurnberg, Germany while in the US Army, I heard the story of the Black Forest Fire Spirit.  I even went to the Black Forest hoping that I would encounter this creature, in which I never did.  The incident happened during the medieval period.   It is said that villagers who lived in the Black Forest saw a flying humanoid that was completely on fire.  The flying creature that was on fire, flew around the village and then landed on top of a church steeple.  It appeared that the creature wanted to convey a message to the villagers, but the villagers started throwing rocks at the creature.  The creature then flew off, never to be seen again.

So, whatever Dave saw is not unique.  There are stories of humanoids that have the ability to fly and having bodies that are engulfed in flames.  I can only wonder if the Golden Age of Comics creator Carl Burgos who created the comic book character known as the Human Torch had heard of the story of the Black Forest Fire Spirit?  Burgos was in the Army during World War II and may have heard the story from other soldiers.  The reason I say this, is because I first heard the story from 3 soldiers while I was stationed in Germany.  Later on Stan Lee and Jack Kirby took on the mantle of the Human Torch and I wonder if they were also aware of the story of the Black Forest Fire Spirit?


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