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Tis the season to be… wait what? Disney owns that saying? Ahhh bolloks!




So the last week or so like in years past I have been hearing a lot about the war on Christmas. Perhaps in N. Korea and China but not here in the U.S. or other democratic nations. So unless some brown shirt and Jack boot type kick your door in and steal your pagan Christmas tree, mistletoe, and other iconography at gun point then there is no war.

believe it or not there are other holidays at this time of year and some predate the birth of the holy baby with ball ping hammer and finishing nails. Or did you forget his stepdad was a carpenter. Now I understand that everyone holding hands and singing happy songs is less then likely so lets do our parts. Don’t scream war on Christmas and I won’t tell you to shut your gob.


Happy Holidays! See something positive.

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