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Take the Step



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Take the step

Trust in God is not easy,
but just do it,
fear and trust can't exist as equals,
one will grow,
the other grows weak.
Take the step-BrMD


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I do just fine with my balancing act. I fear and trust God, equally. And care not to grow in either direction, otherwise I'm moving out of my religion. My religion (philosophy) is all about equality, and balance, and temperance, this last is all about having patience, which is a balancing act between taking immediate action, and awaiting for the right moment to act

Sounds like a Nike commercial. Just do it? That's easier said than done. You try to dunk a basketball jumping from the free-trow line, without touching the ground first.

This is meant as an act to solicit laughter, and not dunk the preacher. I'm stalling for time, for thinking what entry to post next on my own blog. Right now my fear is greater than my trust, when it comes to wanting to be understood, as I'm mostly misunderstood due to other's lack of balance with their own patience.....they want short walls to overcome...too lazy to high-step. They could not dunk the ball even if the rim is laying flat on the ground, or on a black hole.

Peace, and more power to you, as you step away from your weakness, and come closer to trusting me. I mean trust that I'm really trying to make you laugh, a little. And here is some music to prove it, if you don't mind.



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Thanks for the music.  Your witticism does make me smile.   Yes, trust is not easy, most choices that are important
are not.  The death to self has something to do with this, but still do not fully understand my faith, or much of what
Jesus says........yet I trust and move forward. 

I reach balance, but do not always know until it is past, since it is only for a second or two LOL.



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