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Gridley Ghouls



Gridley Ghouls
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations

Photos in this article are from the Gridley residence, caught on their CCTV camera.

Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI) is a very transparent paranormal investigating/cleansing company.  I, Paul Dale Roberts am the co-owner of HPI and Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka Wish is the other co-owner and she is also our psychic medium.  We recently were contacted by Amy Miller of Gridley, CA, please read below on the activity of her home:  
Date to be there: 12/18/2021 Saturday. Time to be there: 6pm. Contact Person: Amy Miller. Case # 5C30M282K03T99. Address to be at: Gridley, CA - Amy's son and brother passed away, they were in a deadly car crash, a big rig slammed into them. Amy's son had a premonition that he would not live to see his 20th birthday and he died before his birthday. Amy feels spiritually attacked in her home. One time, an entity placed a pressure point on her foot and almost made her fall. Sometimes she feels sexually assaulted by an entity, or feels weird vibrations throughout her body. They have seen shadow people in their home and have taken photos and video footage of the shadow people.  See those photos in this article.
Deanna and I, are "Location Scouts" for Discovery + Ghost Adventures.  I was contacted by a representative of Ghost Adventures and that representative asked me what upcoming cases I had on my schedule, that would be interesting for Zak Bagans and his crew.  I told the representative about the case in Gridley.  The representative then asked if they could take on this case after she communicated the Gridley case to Zak.  The representative is going to set up an investigation one month from now with Zak and the crew and asked if I could hold off on my 12/18/2021 investigation, because if Deanna and I, do a cleansing, Zak and his crew will have nothing to investigate, because we would have gotten rid of the entities.  So, HPI will not be investigating and cleansing this home on 12/18/2021.  Amy, the owner of this home is willing to have Zak and his crew at her home one month from now.  Amy still wants HPI to conduct a Roman Catholic house blessing and metaphysical cleansing of the home.  Amy has also requested that Deanna and I, go ahead and give her a full submersion baptism, in case she has an attachment.  I have performed many baptisms and my baptisms are very successful in getting rid of attachments.  A full submersion baptism is a basic form of exorcism and if someone has an attachment, the attachment will immediately leave.  The Roman Catholic house blessing is a very intense blessing using holy water and going through each room of the house, chasing out the entities of the home.  I have agreed to hold off on the cleansing and let Zak and his crew do their own investigation of the home.  Deanna and I, have been the location scouts for many episodes of Ghost Adventures.  As location scouts we cover Northern California.  Not only have we been location scouts for Ghost Adventures, but we have been location scouts for other paranormal shows and 1 popular TV show.  As location scouts, we do get compensated for our hard work.  So to sum it up, we are the location scouts of Northern California, since that is the area that we cover.  Of course we have investigated internationally and throughout the United States, but our concentrated area is Northern California, because we live in Northern California. 

I had many people that were intrigued with this case and were looking forward to our findings, but now you will all have to wait, until Zak and his crew do their own investigation of this home.  
I had a similar case like the Gridley case in which a woman was being attacked by an incubus.  I did an EVP session and asked for God's angels to help me identify the incubus.  We captured an EVP that sounded like a growl and a deep breathy voice saying its name was Calicus.  I asked if Calicus was an incubus and received a loud EVP that said "yes".  We saw this woman push a 300 lb nephew to the ground and the woman must have only weighed 90 lbs.  She was screaming at the top of her lungs and talking with a thick raspy deep voice.  At times she would say threatening things in English and other times she was speaking in an unknown language.  Four family members held her down in a chair and she managed to wrestle her way to freedom and again attacked her nephew.  I threw holy water on her and said many prayers, finally she calmed down and I was able to give her a full submersion baptism.  When the baptism happened and was over with, she was relieved she felt normal again. She also threw up afterwards.  This case was only a few miles from Gridley, so I have to wonder is there something going on with the town of Gridley?  Or is there something going on with the land in and around Gridley?  Let's look at the history of Gridley:
In and around Gridley (Butte County) we have large areas that have oak trees, manzantia brush, marshes and lakes that make a striking appearance during the rainy season.  Lots of wildlife from geese, ducks, deer, antelope, tule elk, coyote, ground squirrels, raccoons, opossums and field mice surround the area near Gridley.  The Maidu Indians settled in this area and later departed after the Spanish and Mexican scouting expeditions got under way in the 18th century.  The town is named after George W. Gridley.  George was a wool grower and grain farmer.  He was one of the largest landowners in Butte County.  George owned 960 acres and had a lavish ranch on his property.  Gridley, Ca was established in 1870 and the Oregon and California Railroad constructed in Marysville, made life easier in Gridley.
In 1906 LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) started migrating from Rexburg, Idaho to Gridley.  In 1908 500 LDS members settled in Gridley.  They built a large chapel that could accommodate 1000 members. This chapel was constructed on the west corner of Sycamore and Vermont Streets in 1912.  Another interesting fact is that NASA engineer and YouTube star Mark Rober achieved a Guinness world record of the World's Largest Elephant's Toothpaste Explosion and this was done in the town of Gridley. 
1.  OUR CASE IN AUBURN, THAT CAN BE SEEN HERE: jazmaonline.boards.net/thread/1915/haunted-ranch-house-auburn
Just received this phone call on the paranormal hotline. Marion Rochelli of Trenton, New Jersey called me on 12/16/2021 at 15:35 Hours.  Marion says that she recently came back from Italy and saw something incredible.  I was intrigued on what she might tell me, as I have been to Bologna, Italy when I was in the Army, stationed at Nurnberg, Germany (Merrill Barracks).  I thought Marion would tell me a ghost story, but she told me a story that was quite unbelievable.  Marion says that she was sightseeing with her family and they were checking out the beauty of Lagazuoi Mountain in Cortina d' Ampezzo, Italy.  Marion and her family spotted a silver disc shaped UFO that flew from the right of the mountain, to the left and went inside the mountain.  Marion said there was a flash of light, when the UFO went into the mountain.  After the disc went into the mountain and the flash of light was gone, everything was back to normal again and the UFO had vanished.  There was no sign of a crash, it was as if the UFO went right inside the mountain. The weather was clear and crisp and this occurred sometime in July 2021.  Marion hadn't mentioned this to any outside sources and hadn't planned to report it, but recently she had a vivid dream of the incident and couldn't get it off her mind and felt she needed to talk to someone about this incident.

Date to be there: 12/18/2021 / Time to be there: 6pm / Contact Person: Nanette Nelson / XXXX Volti Way, Sacramento, Ca (Natomas). Case # 9B16H47563Y60
Activity at the Sacramento home: Nanette's family dabbled with Ouija Boards, tarot cards, brought on demons in her home, she was attacked by demons. At times she can hear a demon laughing. She hears multiple voices in the house.


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