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Ghost Cats




Ghost Cats
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations


www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S4UL87ijEg   (EVP)

Date to be there: January 1, 2022 Saturday. Time to be there: 6pm. Contact Person: Kim. Case #91P633T762K55. Address to be at: Loomis, CA. Activity: Kim went on a date with some guy who claims he is a parapsychologist. This date told Kim she has a demon in the house and that she is on her own with this demon, that he can't help her. The only thing that Kim has witnessed in her house are strange knockings on the wall and she saw a dark figure in her bedroom. The guy that she went on a date with her, says the demon waits outside of her home and is waiting to be invited in and said that some spirits are attached to her daughter. Listening to the story, I believe she only has a ghost in the home and not a demon, but she wants us to check it out and do a cleansing.

Paul Dale Roberts- HPI Co-Owner; Deanna Jaxine Stinson - Psychic Medium and HPI Co-Owner; Mike Ouilhon - EMF Monitor; Alaceo "Big Al" Rosatano - EVP Analyst; Ryan Privee - Equipment Specialist/Psychic.  Occupants: Kim and her daughter Eva.  

Eva has felt a presence, like someone is stroking her hair.  When we went into Eva's bedroom, we did get an EVP of a man saying "hello", but you can listen to the EVP at the videos above and tell me what you think it says.  In the living room, we captured an EVP that sounds like a man growling, but some investigators say it is saying a word.  We captured some other EVPs that were unintelligible or just sounded like faded out voices.  The clearest EVPs was the "hello" and "the possible growling".  Deanna when entering the home, saw two ghostly cats.  One ghostly cat was more dominant than the other one and it was black and white.  Later our other psychic Ryan, not hearing Deanna's story, saw a black and white ghostly cat. Down the street, Deanna saw a misty form.  Deanna also picked up on a little girl and we did get an EVP of a girl giggling, the person that obtained this EVP was Big Al.
Kim told me that the so-called parapsycholist that she was dating told her that the demon is waiting to be invited inside.  In all of my demonic cases, the demon did not have to be invited inside.  This sounds more like a vampire cliche.  A vampire before entering your home, must be invited by the head of the household to enter.  This is something that Dracula novelist Bram Stroker made up.......I do not believe there is any demon in the home or outside of the home.  Deanna and Ryan did not pick up on a negative forces in this home, all they felt were positive vibes in this home.  I still conducted a Roman Catholic house blessing and Ryan said that after I did the cleansing, there was no more activity shown on his ghost hunting equipment.  Special Note:  Deanna left the occupants a care package containing candles and smudge wands, she also gave some smudge wands to the HPI crew.

Below are calls that I received on the paranormal hotline:

Case # 91P685Q67026.  Name of Contact Person: Lizzie.  Location: Sacramento.  Activity: Mischievous ghost likes to hide items that belong to Lizzie.  The ghost will hide the items and then will place them in an obvious place, a place that has been checked upon a dozen of times and then the item just magically appears.  The occupant wonders if this could be her deceased mother?

Case # 50M3502N5835. Name of Contact Person: Tom.  Location: Oregon. Activity:  Recent cold spots have been happening in his home.  The cold spots are actually very frigid, you can even see your breath in the cold spots, it's that cold.  Curtains start swinging on their own. 




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