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Angel Stops




Angel Stops
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations


12 years of my life in the US Army was an adventure.  Traveling overseas.  From 1973 to 1976, working with C.I.D. (Criminal Investigation Division) - D.S.T. (Drug Suppression Team) in Germany.  I took a 3 year break from the Army after 1976, and then in 1979, I took (MI) Military Intelligence training in Fort Huachuca, Arizona.  I was a 97 Bravo (Intelligence Analyst) with P.I.C.K. (Photo Interpretation Center Korea).  I was stationed with the 501st Military Intelligence Battalion at Yongson Barracks.  I worked with Image Interpreters that were able to look at a reconnaissance aerial photo and tell you a small dot was a T-72 tank in North Korea.  The surveillance photos that they looked at were of North Korea and Red China.  My job was to categorize any "hot photos" that could be something that we need to keep an eye on.  I would create a sitmap and pinpoint locations that could either be training exercises or a possible build up at the DMZ (38th parallel) which could cause an international incident.  

Before I go on, I have to tell you a story.  They took some of the Military Intelligence soldiers to the 38th parallel and specifically told us do not touch the table on the North Korean side, because the North Korean soldiers may be offended and apprehend us.  We were also told not to look at the North Korean soldiers in their eyes, this could also set them off.  They told us to take off our Military Intelligence insignia, so that we cannot be identified as MI.  As we were walking around the conference table, I started changing the film in my camera and placed my camera on the North Korean side of the table.  My Captain signaled me to pick up the camera immediately.  When the Captain had me alone, he yelled at me and said..."were you trying to cause an international incident??  What the f--- were you thinking??"  Yes, the Captain was peeved.  

On one particular day, 6 aerial photographs came in and the 6 photos were part of a bigger picture.  Each photo represented film footage of a possible UFO, captured by either our reconnaissance aircraft or satellites.  The 6 photos that came in showed different types of UFOs.  Disc shape, cigar shape, globe shape, ball lightning shape, triangle shape, boomerang shape.  On the back of the photos, it simply read: "Intelligent Movement".  My job was to give it a secured number for classification and pass the photos to the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency).  From the DIA, the photos then went to the CIA and after that, I heard no more about the photos.

How we obtained the aerial film footage is by driving a black sedan to Osan AFB.  A placard was placed on the dash board, that basically says..."Do not stop this vehicle for any reason, let it proceed to its destination".  The driver would break the speed limit to get to Osan AFB.  We were in Osan to pick up "hot rolls".  Hot rolls were reconnaissance aerial footage on reels.  To open up the trunk of the car, the driver had 1/2 half of the combination code and I had the other half.  The trunk opens and we take out a black suitcase.  On the suitcase is a combination lock.  Again, I have 1/2 of the combination and the driver has the other half.  The suitcase opens and we place the hot rolls into the suitcase, close it, lock it and place it in the trunk of the vehicle and head back to Yongson Barracks.  


I was intrigued by the photos and I was discussing the photos with someone with a high rank. We discussed on how Project Bluebook was shut down and that the UFO phenomena is explainable as something natural and not supernatural.  The "higher up" asked if I knew what "angel stops" were.  I told him "no".  He explained to me that on February 20, 1954, then President Dwight D. Eisenhower was on a golf vacation in Palm Springs, Ca.  During this vacation, Eisenhower was secreted away to Edwards AFB. Eisenhower had a meeting with two Nordics who were willing to make a deal with Eisenhower. The Nordics would give him knowledge on their technology, if Eisenhower would stop making nuclear weapons.  Eisenhower refused this deal.  Later in 1954, Eisenhower met with the "Greys".  The Greys offered him a deal, their technology if they could do "angel stops", abduct humans and cattle for their experiments.  Eisenhower agreed and a deal was made.  My "higher up" friend, didn't know how much technology we received, but said that the military was monitoring "angel stops" and the Greys were over exceeding the abductions of humans.  The Greys had now did over one million "angel stops" and some of those humans were not returned.  The Greys were determined evil by our military and there were secret skirmishes with our military going up against the Greys.  My "higher up" friend learned this information by a military person that was "higher up" than he.  When I first heard the story, I thought my "higher up" friend was just making up the story, but I learned along the way, that this is a story that may have some kind of foundation of truth. 


I always wondered if those 6 UFO photos were taken to Operation Tango for storage.  Operation Tango is an underground dwelling inside a mountain in South Korea.  Military Intelligence personnel and elite forces personnel were whisked away one night to Operation Tango.  We were taken by bus with blacked out windows.  Inside this mountain called Operation Tango were computers and listening devices.  Operation Tango is a listening post of North Korea and Red China.  There were many secretive areas of Operation Tango and I wondered if those 6 UFO photos could be filed away somewhere in this mountain?  There was one more photo of interest.  One day, a photo came in of a possible UFO soldier in Vietnam.  He was being escorted by two Vietnamese armed soldiers.  Was this possibly an American POW in Vietnam, the year being 1981?  On the back of the photo was: "POW?"



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