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Fragility is also an important aspect of creation




Fragility is also an important aspect of creation

We like to think in terms of strength, power, and control. Yet fragility is also an important aspect of creation. A reality, that as we age, experience more and more. Friends and family members who belong to our generation get sick, have serious chronic health conditions, and die. There is nothing we can do to stop this development, yet we can learn not to fear it, even if unpleasant. In my family, this fragility of life, the shortness of our existence is becoming very real. It is becoming the new normal, at least for me….but I believe for my brothers and sisters as well. The picture below was taken around 1970. Skip, Robert, and I are not there. My parents and three siblings in the picture have now passed on…..so it goes, but it is all worth it--Br.MD

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