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The Father's love for each of us​




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The Father's love for each of us

As I age, if there is a stumbling block to my faith; it would be the conviction that God is the unique Father of each individual. It is much easier to believe that God sees humankind but does not see each of us as separate, loved, and sought after. How is the possible? Well as far as we experience life, I would say it is not possible. Yet it happens. God is other, yet not less than we are but something ‘wholly other’ and incomprehensible to the human mind. Even when thinking of ‘Infinite Love’, it goes way beyond anything we can truly understand and the same goes for mercy. Religion gets really crazy and sick, I believe, when we think we have it figured out how God loves and relates to us.

Jesus told us not to judge the soul of another for a reason, we can’t do it, we do not see deep enough even into our own souls. Leave judgment up to God which will be based on truth, love, and compassion. The justice of man is nothing like the justice of God, and seldom leads to reconciliation.-Br.MD

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