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How does a place become holy?





How does a place become holy?

We get so many people out here, and many find solace, not because of the monks, but perhaps because the holiness and the healing that people experience, actually flow from the love and prayers of the many that come here on a regular basis. We are all used, I guess by God if we are open to it, and perhaps we are used for others, even when we aren’t conscious of God working through us.


What people see here, and what I experience, are two different things. In the end, I am glad that even in spite of my failures and fragility, and of the fragility of all of us here, God still uses this place to heal His beloved creations.

People make a place holy. A holy place is where people become themselves, become children before God. Where they drop all the games and stand naked before God, showing their need. In the process, some form of healing and a new beginning is found. -Br.MD




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