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I Just Stumble Along​



I Just Stumble Along
I guess the world has always been hanging on by its fingertips,
yet today, it seems like there is just one finger
clinging to the ridge,
just hanging on.

I don’t try to trust lord,
I just do it,
trust, and let go,
for I don’t understand much,
except for the revelation of your love,
the Father’s love for us.

Even then,
understanding is slow.
I still do not get it,
or live it,
just stumble along,
getting up very often
after I fall on my face.

Trust is not a feeling,
sometimes I have to go against feelings,
and understand that truth
is what you have shown us;
the Infinite Love of the Father.

you are always running towards us,
help us not to be afraid, or ashamed, to
run towards you in faith, hope, and love.-Br.MD


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