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Haunted Sugarloaf Mountain Motel & Mark Twain Museum




Haunted Sugarloaf Mountain Motel & Mark Twain Museum
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations


HPI Paranormal Investigator and HPI Equipment Specialist Ryan Privee on his own has investigated the Jamestown Hotel, Palm Hotel and the Royal Carriage Inn.  He has obtained spirit box evidence and Kinnect evidence of the various haunting activities at these 3 locations.  He has also conducted a thorough investigation of the Sugarloaf Mountain Motel and Mark Twain Museum.  Ryan has collected spirit box evidence and Kinnect evidence at these locations too.   Sugarloaf Mountain Motel and Mark Twain Museum address are below:

Sugarloaf Mountain Motel
430 S C Street, Virginia City, Nevada

Mark Twain Museum 
53 C Street, Virginia City, Nevada

I asked Ryan to type up his experiences at the Sugarloaf Mountain Motel and Mark Twain Museum.   Below are Ryan's own words in regard to his experiences at these two places.

This is just off the top of my head, I am trying to recall everything that I experienced at the motel and museum. I've investigated the miner's cabin building twice, room 1 and ?  (located in the front). I believe room 1 is the room connected to the mine that is walled off, but it still has the outline of the mine opening and is slightly recessed. There is a haunted doll they leave in that room from what I believe belonged to the original owner... the current owner said it's always been there. He doesn't know if it's haunted, but I did sessions by it and believe it is.

He also mentioned some of the other motel buildings that aren't as old as the miner's cabin, that are haunted but I did nothing with those. He lives in the two-story house to the right of the motel and runs a little store. Nice guy, he had some paranormal stories, and so did his wife. The one night I stayed in room 1, I invited some people over and the two ladies got freaked out by the voices and equipment lighting up. I don't recall all that was said without digging, through my 5000+ YouTube paranormal videos under Ryan Privee. The most notable thing I recall that may be paranormal related, was a biker couple that stayed in room2 next door and all night long they fought...mostly her yelling at him and he cut her finger with a knife.... I think she was bonkers and did it herself, but she was screaming, so I told the owner in the store what was going on and she comes in with her pointer finger nearly slit in half wanting a band aid.

We both told her she needed to go to the hospital and get stitches, but she said she couldn't (for some reason--no insurance? Idk). I've stayed at the miner's cabin at Gold Hill Hotel and investigated it several times...that place has something demonic that growled at my friend, and I have it on video somewhere, it was in the kitchen in the AM before we left. Those spirits are malevolent but the ones at Sugar Loaf weren't as scary.  As for the Mark Twain Museum. I've been there several times over in the past few years or so and talked to the owner and a former employee...a very nice lady who owns a curio/crystal shop down the street (she says her building is haunted, but I didn't get much evidence at that location). She said a shaman was brought to the Mark Twain Museum years ago to drive out a demon that came out of the back room of the museum's lower level which has an odd heavy metal door and another door in front.

It's used for storage and isn't as old as the main building but it is still old. Tom has many things going on there, that could have attachments, idk for sure. I was initially skeptical of the demon story and locals say the demon travels from building to building on the main street including Washoe and Union Brewery, which I've also investigated. Washoe has honestly been rather lackluster for me paranormally, especially when compared to the Mark Twain museum, miner's cabin at Gold Hill, Silver Queen (the spirits there don't seem to like me and tell me I'm going to die there, some day) and Mackay Mansion (I've gotten several historical names there on my portal spirit box...Dawn and other docents are my witnesses along with videos I have). But as for Mark Twain museum....it's creepy AF...the lower level is dark, heavy and the spirits are not friendly. I haven't actually heard Mark Twain himself come through but I was there one time showing it to another paranormal investigator from Reno who was filming at Mackay and the spirit portal box said there was a demon and threatened us.  The entity was lighting up my  rem hd and other devices near the Indian mummy case by the metal door to the back room which we had opened and I was provoking. Suddenly I saw a white mist like fog creeping along the ceiling coming out of the back room and started backing up as did Patrick, the guy with me, but he didn't see this thing, but he isn't a psychic-medium like myself.


I don't scare easy as I've been exposed to demonic cases many times before (residences mostly and my former home in Livermore, CA I grew up in I can tell some messed up stories about), I've also done exorcisms on my own, with friends and working with a priest (James Cloud) and other medium friends of mine. So, it takes a lot to spook me but this experience at the Mark Twain Museum left me jittery and we took off... I haven't honestly encountered it since, but as I mentioned I think the entity meanders from building to building. I can't also entirely rule out the possibility I may be stirring up these spirits as sometimes I recognize the voice and trademark creepy things they say at my house in Modesto (CA). I've had some mediums and witches say I have a demonic attachment and I know the spirits at my home have ID'd themselves as fallen angels/demons before (all of which I have on video, many of which are crystal clear EVPs). I think I'm still in denial about them being actual demons but I am seeing patterns and starting to wonder... I wouldn't mind a thorough blessing/exorcism from a priest. It's me that haunted not really my home and I know some of them do follow me even to far off locations like Virginia City 4 hours drive away. Thanks, Ryan Privee"

Virginia City, Nevada is a very haunted town.  Please see the article below and it describes my adventure to Virginia City:
I have never investigated Mark Twain Museum, but I have investigated Mark Twain's Cabin, see below in regard to my investigation of Mark Twain's Cabin:




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