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To Embrace Life



To Embrace Life
(Ash Wednesday 2022)
Letting go of the many things I love
will come about,
in one day, or over a lifetime.
I can fight it,
hide from the reality
of my mortality,
yet like all things else
one day, in a single moment,
peacefully or not,
I will depart.
The gift of aging
is that the corner
I have always stood in
gets smaller,
a hard fact,
yet it causes me to wonder,
pray, contemplate,
what my life is for,
and to what am I moving towards.
Christ Jesus goes before me,
he endured much more than
I ever will,
Jesus embraced the Father’s will,
a hard proposition for me,
So Lord I pray
let me follow you
in joy, and sorrow,
in pleasure and pain,
never forgetting
that you have gone before me,
awaiting my return home.
So it is for all I believe-Br.MD

Edited by markdohle


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