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The Cosmic Battle So-Called




The Cosmic Battle So-Called
I am not sure I have ever done lent well,
or correctly, though I have the desire.
How I fight change, the shedding needed
to grow new skin, more supple and open
to your infinite light.
Sometimes I feel like I am under a rock,
not wanting to step into the all-revealing light,
yet you prod, push, cajole, and won’t let go,
of that I am thankful.
For my fear is automatic,
my inner walls built before I could reason,
only you see what is behind them,
though the walls seem to remain.
Yet you work from the deep inner-under-ground,
and sometimes I feel that going on,
I get anxious then, but slowly you are teaching me
it is then, that I am called to pray, to be quiet,
and do not run, for you never stop chasing me.
Is the Cosmic-Battle, or so-called, actually worked
out in the mind? One soul at a time? If so, let me put on Your Mind,
the Mind-Of-Christ.-Br.MD


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