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The depths of the Holy Rosary




The depths of the Holy Rosary

When praying the Rosary we bring with us all of mankind. Every man, woman, and child, past present, and future. In saying the Hail Mary, we ask
The Blessed Mother to join us in our desire to reach the hearts of everyone. All prayer is heard, all are answered in God's own way and time.

The Our Father reminds us that Jesus came to reveal His nature which is infinite love and compassion. Again, it is a universal prayer for all.
To pray the Our Father with faith is to, in reality, lead us to forgive and to pray for all who have harmed us in any way.

Pray with hope, with courage, and with a deep trust that when we pray we are being invited first by God's grace,
who graciously request we seek union with His Will. Our prayer is our response to that gracious invitation. -Br.MD


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