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Haunted Bass Lake Road




Haunted Bass Lake Road
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations


There are 3 ghosts that I know of that haunt Bass Lake Road and Bass Lake Recreation Area.  They are:
1. Lady in the White Nightgown.
2.  Bass Lake Road Old Man
3. Hide and Seek Shadow Man

Most people have seen the Lady in the White Night Gown and the Bass Lake Road Old Man.  The Lady in the White Night Gown has been seen near the reservoir at the bend. When water flows over the road, visitors report seeing a girl in white standing on the street. As for the Bass Lake Road Old Man, there is a bench built on the side of the road, dedicated to the old man. He died years ago, but sometimes you can see him sitting on the bench. Witnesses report that it looks like he is mouthing the word 'Help'.  At times the old man is sitting on the very bench that is dedicated to him.   

Bass Lake is located off of Bass Lake Road north of Highway 50. Bass Lake was formerly known as American Reservoir and was an important part of the gold rush era flume/ditch systems in El Dorado County. Water was brought to the American Reservoir (Bass Lake) by a series of flumes/ditches to be used as a water resource for gold mining. From the mid-1850s to the late-1930s American Reservoir was owned by several different water companies that controlled the flumes. In 1938, James Nichol purchased the property to open Bass Lake Resort a local destination for recreation. In 1955, family of James Nichol sold the property to the Jannke family. In 1962, the first references to Bass Lake Dam appear in the State of California Department of Water Resources records. El Dorado Irrigation District purchased the property in 1969 and has owned the property since that time. Courtesy of: www.eldoradohillscsd.org/programs_and_amp_activities/park_improvement___projects_updates/bass_lake_project.php

Now let me tell you about some information about the hauntings at Bass Lake Road that was told to me by 4 fisherman that I had the pleasure of conversing with.  I used to work for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and I interacted with many fisherman, hunters, wardens and various law enforcement agencies.  One day, I was talking with 4 fisherman and they were telling me that Bass Lake is now a private lake, but back in 1981, they would hop the fence at night and catch 2 to 5 pounders with a 7 being the largest. Special Note: The 4 fisherman, do not want to be identified in this article.  They were saying the lake was stocked full of fish.  Instead of partying at their friend's house, they would rather go to Bass Lake and do some night fishing.  On one night, during a full moon, they saw a girl coming out of the lake in a white night gown.  The girl was soaking wet and she slowly started walking towards  the 4 fisherman.  The 4 fisherman couldn't believe their eyes as this woman drenched in lake water kept walking towards them.  One of the fisherman asked the girl if she needed help.  The girl suddenly stopped walking and turned into a small glowing orb.  The orb was the color of blue and swirled around in the air and shot up into the sky.  The fisherman couldn't believe what they saw, but they knew that they saw a ghost.  One of the other fisherman, a year later went on Bass Lake Road by himself and was headed over to the lake, when he saw an old man shuffling up the road.  The old man looked at the fisherman.  The fisherman slowed down, so he could get a better look at the old man.  The old man approached his car and hit his windshield with the ball of his fist.  The old man looked like he was muttering something.  The fisherman jumped out of his car to confront the old man and ask him why he hit his windshield with his fist.  By the time the fisherman stepped out of his vehicle, the old man suddenly vanished.  After this experience and the experience he had with his 3 buddies encountering the woman in the white night gown, the fisherman decided that he would never go back to Bass Lake Road again.   All 4 fisherman told me this story in confidence and that is why I am not placing their names into this article.

When I investigated Bass Lake Road, I captured an EVP of a woman saying "I need help".  I believe the EVP came from the lady in the white night gown and I also believe that she drowned in the lake and that is why the 4 fisherman saw her coming out of the lake. Special Note: This is my theory solely.  From the looks of things, it appears that there is the "Lady in the White Nightgown" and "Bass Lake Road Old Man" ghosts that hang out at Bass Lake Road and Bass Lake Recreational Park.   But, it appears that there is another ghost or entity that hangs out at Bass Lake Road.  That entity is "Hide and Seek Shadow Man".   In 1996, Trent Glazebrook from Bakersfield was up North visiting friends at Cameron Park and went up Bass Lake Road.  Trent saw a shadowy figure of a man behind some bushes.  Trent thought it was odd and couldn't understand why in broad daylight that he was unable to make out facial features on this shadowy figure.  As he moved up the road, he again saw the same figure, this time behind a tree looking towards his way.  Trent at this time was baffled at the sighting, then as he came to a curve on the road, he saw the very same shadowy figure cross the road and the entity's head turned as if it was looking at Trent, and again Trent was not able to make out any facial features. Trent then hightailed it out of there.  Trent says he has never experienced anything paranormal, but on that day on Bass Lake Road, he knows that he stepped into an unknown realm.  It's  an frightening experience that he will never forget.  

I wonder if the Lady in the White Night Gown and the Bass Lake Road Old Man go in and out of a portal located in this area and that the Hide and Seek Shadow Man followed them out of the portal?  I had many cases in which portals have been detected in various homes.  In one case, the deceased grandmother was haunting her daughter's home and a portal opened up in the home and now they had shadow people haunting their home, along with their deceased grandmother.  I had psychics investigate Bass Lake Road and some of my psychics experienced a "feeling of dread" as they traveled up Bass Lake Road.   




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