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Do Ghosts Have a Life Span? My Answer.



Do Ghosts Have a Life Span?  My Answer.
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations


3/21/2022:  Below, I found this article by Ryan Stacy on Coast-to-Coast AM - as seen here: www.coasttocoastam.com/   I found the article to be very interesting, but I have to disagree with Dr. Paul Lee's assessment, please read Ryan's article, before I make my comments below:   

Do Ghosts Have a Life Span?
By Ryan Stacy

Is there an "other side" on the other side? A reported shortage of ghosts in the UK has one expert speculating about what's going on—and his investigation may be raising new questions about the spirits of those who have passed on from the world of the living.

When Dr. Paul Lee of Norfolk, England, who researches the paranormal, noticed a recent drop in activity in major hotspots across the United Kingdom, he naturally wanted to know what was causing it. His conclusion: many of the ghosts may be dying—or getting as close as ghosts can, anyhow. Lee explained that the spirits' supplies of energy may actually deplete over time, making it impossible for them to re-manifest.

That's not to say the UK's haunted spots have been "ghosted" for good, however. Many ghosts that have disappeared for years have been known to reappear after a period of dormancy and recharging, noted Lee.

I do not believe that ghosts have a life span, but I do agree with Dr. Paul Lee that ghosts do deplete energy.  I have been on over 2000 investigations and what I discovered is that when we investigate a paranormal active home, the energy is strong and we experience all types of paranormal activity such as perhaps an object moving, strong Class A EVPs, an investigator being touched, an anomaly in our photographs, etc.  As the investigation continues, we get less and less activity, because the ghost or ghosts in the home, their energy is depleting.  They need to recharge, before being active again.  As for the drops of hot spots in the United Kingdom is because certain ghosts that have manifested have finally decided to move along to the next level.  These ghosts have decided to go into the light.  I conduct Roman Catholic house blessings and on one of my investigations, the ghost said during my EVP session:  "If I go into the light, I won't be able to come back."  

I believe that ghosts have the option of going into the light.  Some ghosts are afraid to go into the light, because of their religious beliefs during the time that they were living human beings.  The ghost feels that if they go into the light, they will be judged and sentenced to Hell for their misdeeds.  Other ghosts do not enter the light, because they have unfinished business, for example: the grandmother dies, but her granddaughter just had a baby, and the deceased grandmother refuses to go into the light, because she wants to stick around and be an angel for the grand baby.  The deceased grandmother wants to be the protector and watchful eye for the baby.  The reason why the hotspots in the United Kingdom are becoming scarce, is because many of their old time ghosts have finally decided to go into the light and when they go into the light, they can never come back to our reality, they are gone forever.  They enter a new dimension, may it be heaven or hell, but they can never return to our reality.  

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From anecdotal evidence, I believe that pets survive for a time after physical death, depending on how much love (energy) they are given beforehand.

It's very different for humans.

"God" is the place we leave when we are born, and where we return to when we die. Some of us are reincarnated, but others don't need to be.

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