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Angel Hair Found in Venezuela



Angel Hair Found in Venezuela
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations


During my vacation to Venezuela, I wanted to know why Venezuela was having so many blackouts. I heard rumors that the blackouts were being caused by UFO activity. When I got to Venezuela, I talked with fisherman Mauricio Acosta. Mauricio tells me that Venezuela has been getting some unusual UFO activity. There was a triangle shaped UFO hovering in the night sky over Fort Tiuna Military Complex. This UFO shot down what appeared to be a scanning light. It hovered over the complex for 15 minutes and shortly afterwards, there was a power outage. Mauricio is very fascinated with UFOs. Mauricio says in 1972, when he was living in Colonia Tovar, he witnessed a golden globe UFO hovering near his home. He went out to investigate and noticed what looked like spider webbing falling from the UFO. The UFO was seen by some other locals and for a period of 10 minutes the UFO stayed in one spot dropping off the spider webbing material. The UFO shot straight up in the blue clear sky. Mauricio pulled out a hanky from his pocket and started gathering some of the white spider web material. As soon as he picked it up and placed the material in his hanky, the mysterious material evaporated. The material vanished right before his eyes. Mauricio tells me that this is his only personal UFO experience. Mauricio also tells me about a motorist in the state of Trujillo that saw a disc shaped UFO and after the sighting, a blackout occurred in the towns nearby. They even discovered a crop circle.  I explained to Mauricio that the spider web substance was most likely "angel hair".  Angel hair is usually deposited by UFOs and are known to dissolve quickly.

Angel hair has an unusual history that is associated with UFO sightings and even sightings of the Virgin Mary.  Angel hair is described as having a cobweb type of texture.  Some angel hair has been known to have a jelly like substance to it. Angel hair received its name, because it is similar to fine hair or spider webs.  Some Ufologists believe that angel hair is formed when ionized air sleeting off an electromagnetic field that engulfs the UFO.  The angel hair phenomena was witnessed in Oloron, France in 1952.  The angel hair looked like large flakes and fell from a cloudless sky.  No UFO was observed during this angel hair rain.  Then on October 27, 1954 two gentlemen named Gennaro Lucetti and Pietro Lastrucci were standing on a balcony at St. Mark's Square in Venice and saw what they described as shining spindles in the sky and  as these shining spindles were flying across the sky, they were dropping and depositing angel hair.  When my wife Deanna Jaxine Stinson experienced her UFO encounter in Auburn, CA,  the UFO deposited a spider web type of substance on the ground.  The substance evaporated quickly.  Deanna was a little girl at the time and she described the UFO as being disc shaped and looking like a giant eye. 

Angel hair is a mysterious substance and perhaps one day, we will have the means to preserve a specimen of angel hair and have it analyzed properly to determine exactly what the substance is.    



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