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A trip to Piedmont Hospital​



Piedmkont hospital.jpg
A trip to Piedmont Hospital

Yesterday I took one of the monks to Piedmont Hospital for an outpatient procedure. It can be a difficult drive since it is smack in the middle of Atlanta, about a mile from downtown. His appointment was at 7:30, so we left at six. It was also windy and rainy, so I expected a difficult drive. Happy to say, I was wrong, it was one of the best drives I have had going into the city during rush hour traffic, which can begin very early here.

Piedmont is a very nice hospital. We were at the first Piedmont, over the years it has spread it’s influence and taking over more hospitals. Its main competitor is Emory. Though in a city of six million there are more than enough patients to go around.

When I first went there, it was in 1976, I was seeing an eye doctor. It was of course much smaller than it is now. Over the years every square foot has a building on it, or a parking deck. Unless they buy out some homes and build, they will have to go up instead of out.

I used valet parking, which is right in front of the building we had to go to. The waiting area was nice and big, well lighted, and they did have some comfortable places to sit. Everyone there was about my age, or older. The monk I brought in was 85. I have known him for almost 50 years. A very intelligent, pleasant sort of person, easy to drive, he is not one to tell me how to drive, and talk to.

Over the years, because of my stint in the infirmary for many decades I have learned the art of waiting. I always take some books to read, and of course I can sit and just meditate/pray.

The hospital had very strict protocol. Mask had to be worn at all times. While in the waiting room, I was ten feet from a couple, so I took off my mask. Well that lasted about 15 seconds, and I was told to ‘please’ put the mask back on.

I was taken by the love that was shown by those who accompanied the patients. There was a gentleness there, and everyone seem to be of service to others. Being a caregiver has its struggles, but for those who do it, the experience often brings about a deep healing, because to care for others does allow the heart to expand.

The trip back was uneventful, though of course downtown interstate 75/85 was slow, but there was no stopping or staring.

I can still handle city driving, not sure how much longer that will be, so I appreciate being able to do it. My dad was a good teacher when it came to driving.

We got home around 2PM, so it was not so bad. Because the waiting room was so quiet, and I could spend time reading, or just sitting, I did not get too fatigued. All in all a good time was had by all.-BrMD


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