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Woman Caught in Adultery




Woman Caught in Adultery
They kept demanding an answer, so he stood
up again and said, “All right, but let the
one who has never sinned throw
the first stone!” John: 8:7

The powerful episode of the “Woman Caught in Adultery”, like much of the scriptures can be looked at from many different levels and perspectives.

The situation for the woman must have been terrifying, as well as humiliating. To be brought out in public and made a spectacle, a laughingstock is probably one of the direst situations one can find themselves in. In a scenario like this one’s self-respect is stripped away, and one feels helpless, as well as hopeless.

In the end, it became an embarrassing situation for everyone involved. He called everyone to task. Jesus, because he is merciful, compassionate, as well as loving, will do all can to bring people around.

He simply allowed the men time to look within, and see themselves in their own sinfulness, seeing their own self-destructive tendencies and choices. Sin, in any form, is self-destruction.

The accusers, perhaps, learned from the event and over time became more compassionate towards others, after they got a dose of self-knowledge, unadorned. Something like the challenge put upon them can be a shocking experience, leading to hopefully a deep conversion.

Jesus showed compassion for the woman, and did not shame her, yet even in showing compassion, he did call her to conversion as well. She was forgiven, even after being presented to Jesus in such a comprising circumstance. He showed her respect by challenging her to change her life and live according to God’s law.

So it is with many of us. We can be caught in circumstances that are embarrassing, as well as humiliating, stripping away all false notions of ourselves, and showing us the truth of our situation. It can be anything that shatters our cover or injures our sense of self. Yet this experience can lead to deep conversion.

Jesus used this instance, to bring about a deep experience of one’s true motives, as well as a weakness to bring about a change of heart to all involved. The light can bring discomfort, but also healing if allowed to do its work.

TheLord is always at work to try to bring out good in the face of evil. For all of us there is hope for growth and change no matter what kind of sin, or chaos, we find ourselves in.

To ‘sin no more is to live a life that will bring inner healing, the breaking of destructive cycles, and new birth into inner freedom. We are called each day to begin again, for some perhaps it is a call that comes every hour.

When Jesus mentioned that we were to forgive 70 X 7 times, he was also talking about the mercy of the Father, which he spent his life seeking to reveal to us.

Fear is useless, what is needed is trust.-Br.MD

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Why is this not a story about a man in adultery?   That is the old roman twist on religion  isn't it?  Men can do what they want, but women are judged for all manner of things that are often not even in their control.

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Yes, women have been treated unfairly, even today.  Jesus did not fall into that. 


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On 4/5/2022 at 12:26 PM, markdohle said:

Yes, women have been treated unfairly, even today.  Jesus did not fall into that. 


Yet most religious christians still do.   You may not, based on you posting this I suspect you never even thought about it.   

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Injustice, racism, is endemic to the human species.  To call oneself a Christian, or a liberal, or whatever will not erase that.
Only those who think about it, and face up to their own 'inner darkness', which we all carry, can there be any change. 
To believe that any form of government or religion will erase that may be naive ;-).  To be a sinner means that self-absorption,
and lack of self-knowledge is the norm among all peoples. 

Injustice is everywhere on all levels of society, we are all complicit in some ways.



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