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Hearing the Voice​




Hearing the Voice
We all listen to a central voice. It may not always be conscious, but we are all led in one way or another. The ‘voice’ of one's culture, political party, or faith can have a powerful hold on people. All can be destructive as can be attested to by observing the world around us, through our ability to communicate almost instantly. We can be overwhelmed by so many voices trying to get our attention. Yet we each at a very deep level do listen to one voice. How we live our life on a daily basis will allow us to understand what we really want and believe. In other words, a tree is judged by its fruit.

As an extreme example, let us focus on a man who is a racist. Racism exists in most cultures (perhaps all), every nation has to deal with it, which have an assortment of cultures living together. So those who really believe that one race is superior to another will live out of that reality. “Skin Heads’ are an example, or perhaps some forms of radical “Black Muslims”. It affects every area of their lives, and how they relate to others outside their group. It can lead to hatred and violence. So there is a central core in their lives that guides them.

We all have a shepherd, a leader that we follow. We can identify ourselves, or label ourselves in many ways. We can be a humanist, secular humanist, anti-theist, atheist, agnostic, liberal believer, moderate believer, Christian, Muslim, the list can go on and on. The more we identify with that designation the deeper its hold on one's life. Even to say one does not believe in labels, is, in fact, a label. We can’t get away from it.

As a Christian, I try to hear the ‘Voice’ of the Good Shepherd. Because of that, I will not listen to other voices, or if I do the effect of such voices will be diminished. For instance, if I tend towards racism, the ‘Voice of Christ’ will slowly lead me to understand the immorality of such a stand, for, in fact, Christ is to be seen in all Human Beings, no matter their race, religion or political persuasion. This will apply to all areas of life.

The scriptures, read in a prayerful manner over a period of time will slowly heal and bring our hearts in line with the “Mind and Heart of Christ’. When this is done we find ourselves in tune with others who are also seeking to hear the ‘Voice’ of the Lord. Be they Muslim, Hindu, or those on a more undefined path. We find them to be in tune with us if we only listen to them in a humble and open manner. The ‘Voice’ that speaks to all of us, will indeed lead us if we quiet our minds and seek our loving connection with the Infinite.—Br.MD


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