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Haunted Sri Lanka



Haunted Sri Lanka
Paul Dale Roberts, Cryptologist
Halo Paranormal Investigations


I talk a lot about my uncle Jose "Joe" Causing.  Jose definitely lived an adventurous life.  As I have mentioned before in previous articles, he was in the 82nd Airborne, served in the Korean War.  When he got out, he joined the Merchant Marines and saw so many parts of the world.  Jose's sister Rosita Causing - my mother claimed she was psychic and had the ability to see ghosts.  Jose would not admit it, but it appeared he may have been psychic too, since he also saw ghosts.  As a Merchant Marine, one of the docks his ship stopped at was in Sri Lanka.  Jose stayed at the Galle Fort Hotel - 28 Church St, Galle 80000, Sri Lanka.  This hotel was on foundations that date back over three centuries.  The Galle Fort Hotel was formerly a Dutch mansion and warehouse.  At this hotel you can see 18th century doors and windows.  A regency top floor was added during the British era, when the hotel was refashioned for the Maccan Markars, a renowned family of gem merchants. Along with a grand Palladian colonnade, a ceremonial entrance arch was installed. Jose says that he was in awe at the beauty of the ceremonial arch.  Jose believes since the hotel is built on ancient structures is the reason that it's haunted.  Jose stayed at the hotel for 3 nights, before departing on his ship.  On the 2nd night at the hotel, he woke up from a nightmare.  Jose dreamed that a man, possibly a fisherman was holding his throat and had his head underwater.  Jose woke up dripping with sweat and looked at the foot of his bed and saw a Sri Lanka man in a blue paso sarong staring down at him.  The man had no eyes.  All he had was black sunken voids where his eyes should have been at.  Jose yelled..."what do you want???"  The entity then vanished.  On the 3rd night, Jose said some prayers and had a local Sri Lanka shaman say a blessing in his room.  On the 3rd night Jose slept well and had no nightmares and was not bothered by any entity.  Jose didn't have time to see much of Sri Lanka as he had to get back on his ship.  Remembering my uncle's stories, I wondered what other areas of Sri Lanka was haunted.  Doing my own research, I found these locations.   


Lovers Leap Waterfall
A gorgeous spot for tourists is Lovers Leap Waterfall.  There is a legendary story told by locals, that at these falls, many, many years ago, a prince and a female commoner were very much in love.  The prince's parents did not favor this relationship and forbid the prince from marrying the love of his life.  Because of this, the prince and the female commoner went to Lovers Leap Waterfall and made the leap over the falls, to their demise.  The locals claim that this couple to the present day haunt the falls.  Locals avoid the falls during the night, because they feel they will be cursed if they encounter the ghostly apparitions of the prince and the female commoner.  Barry Gomes from Seattle, Washington with his wife visited the falls.  The sun was going down and they were walking around on top of the falls.  As they were headed back to their vehicle, Barry felt hands on his shoulders and Barry's wife felt hands on her ankles.  Something was forcibly trying to push them towards the falls.  The hands felt on Barry's shoulders were trying to turn Barry around and make him walk towards the falls.  Barry's wife felt strong hands on her ankles, which made her fall.  Barry yelled..."help me God!!"  When Barry yelled this command, he no longer felt the ghostly hands and Barry's wife was free from the ghostly grips around her ankles.  Barry and his wife swiftly ran back to their vehicle and left the area, never to return.  Barry and his wife feel that something demonic was trying to send them over the falls.  In September of 1915, lovely Jane Riley, who was in a state of depression decided to commit suicide by jumping off the falls at Albion Mills into the rocky chasm below. At the falls, other couples have leapt to their deaths for reasons unknown, perhaps their relationships were frowned upon by their family members.  Locals claim they can hear the screams that originate at the falls and this usually happens at night.  After the screams, the locals also hear a splash.  This is another reason that the locals do not venture to the falls at night.  

General's House
Another haunted location is the General's House.  The General House is a country house supported by the Members’ Services Office of the Parliament Secretariat.  This is the residence of the Members of Parliament.  Of course, the General's  House is a place for tourists to visit.  The General House is haunted by a ghost known as the English Woman.  This ghost is seen wandering around the hallways.  Legend has it, that many years ago an English woman was found dead in one of the rooms and her death appeared to be unnatural.  It was suspected she was murdered.  One possible theory is that she knew too much and was about to reveal secrets from the Members of Parliament and because of  that, she was killed.   Another theory is that she was involved in an affair with someone of the elite class.  This affair was going to be exposed and because of that, she was killed.  It's still a mystery and perhaps one day, the ghost of the English Woman will reveal the secret on why she died. 


Jawette Lunatic Asylum
The Jawette Lunatic Asylum building is majestic and elegant, but do not let this building fool you.  It holds a lot of dark secrets.  The building was erected in 1889 and at one time had 400 patients.  Locals explain that some of these patients were brutalized, beaten and at times tortured.  Many souls were lost in this asylum.  There is a lot of residual haunting in which horrific scenes will play out over and over again.  Screams are heard late at night.  Ghostly apparitions are seen walking about like zombies.  One tourist says that when he walked around the asylum, he felt a stabbing pain on the right side of his stomach.  He says it felt like a knife went into his abdomen.  The stabbing pain made him buckle up and the pain lasted for a good 5 minutes.  It's a place he has no desire to ever visit again.   

Vana Mohini
The worst spirit in Sri Lanka is the Vana Mohini.  The Vana Mohini is always dressed in white.  She has long black hair, that appears to moving with the wind.  She is always seen carrying an infant.  Vana Mohini will wave down men who are traveling by themselves.  She will ask the man for help and ask the man to hold her baby for a minute.  If the man looks in the baby blanket, they will die instantly, usually by cardiac arrest.  Another scary part of the story is if a man looks at her in the eyes, they will have a mental breakdown and usually die within a week.  A few others claim she gets into the passenger seat of the car,  she causes the car to violently crash, killing the male driver.  Some even believe that if you give the Mohini a brief glance, that it is enough to cause a painful death.  This story seems to originate with Hindu mythology and Vana Mohini means "delusion".  No matter what, Vana Mohini, if real is definitely a femme fatale.  It is said that either she is an evil forest fairy or a demon that has her sights on lonely men.  Lonely men that she can kill.  


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