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Haunted Facebook



Haunted Facebook
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations


Date:  6/6/2022.  Time of Call:  13:32pm PST.  Name of Caller: Terri (does not want to disclose last name).  Location of Caller: Unknown, but area code indicates New Jersey.  Reason for Calling Paranormal Hotline:  Terri says her Facebook is haunted.  I asked Terri why she does not want to be fully identified and Terri tells me that she does not want to be bullied online.  This is understandable.  I asked Terri, why is she calling the paranormal hotline?   Terri tells me that about 6 months ago, her mother passed away from breast cancer.  Terri said that she was very close to her mother and that they did a lot of things together.  Terri tells me when she started dating a guy she met on Tender, her mother did not approve of the relationship.   Terri's mother felt that her new fling was somewhat sketchy.  Terri said that she didn't argue much with her mother, but when it came about talking about the new guy that she was dating, the arguments would start.   Terri learned that her new relationship was with a man who has a police record for carjacking and has served time in prison.  When Terri learned the truth about the man she was dating, she broke up with him immediately.   Terri tells me that there was a few times that this guy stalked her and one time he got right up in her face and acted like he was going to hit her.  

After this incident is when Terri thought her computer was haunted or perhaps her Facebook was haunted. Terri started getting messages from her deceased mother. The first private message from her mother was: "Are you okay?".  Terri responded..."mother is that you?"  I asked Terri could it have been someone else sending her a message on her mother's timeline?  Terri says that her father still lives in the house and is not familiar with Facebook.  Terri asked her father if he had sent the message and Terri's father says "no".   Terri, went back to look at the message and the message was gone.  On another night, Terri was on her computer and signed onto Facebook.  Terri was looking at the news feed and came upon a Tik Tok video of people dancing.  As she was watching the video, there was a moment of static and Terri saw the face of her mother looking at her.  Terri basically freaked out, it actually scared her.  Even though  it was  the face of her mother, it gave her goosebumps.  

On another night, Terri signed on Facebook and she again got another message from her deceased mother. This time the message said: "Are you still with -----?"  This message referred to the loser that Terri met on Tender that had a police record.   Terri responded: "Mom, is this really you?  I am not with ----- anymore."  The next message Terri got was: "Yes, this is mom. I am happy now, you are safe, I'm being called. Goodbye, I love you."  Terri was in total shock,  she couldn't believe she received this message from  her deceased mother.  Terri ran out of her apartment and went to her neighbor's house.   Terri brought her neighbor back to her apartment and showed her the computer.  Terri went to the private message and the message that her deceased mother sent her was now completely gone.  Terri's neighbor gave Terri a quizzical look and politely excused herself and headed home.  Terri says no one believes her.  The last weird thing is that there was a picture of her deceased mother now on her timeline and it looks like Terri posted it.  Terri tells me that she did not post this photo.   Terri wanted to know if there were any other paranormal cases in which people get messages from deceased loved ones.

I told Terri that actually it's very common.   There was a case in Pennsylvania in which a deceased man that died of heart problems was texting 3 of his buddies.  Most cases, people will get messages from their deceased loved ones within the first 24 hours after their loved one's departure.  I told Terri if she googles "phantom phone calls", she will see there are many times people received text messages from a deceased friend or family member.   The phone system at times has had some glitches, in which people were getting old text messages from people that are dead, but that was a bug in the system.  One smart phone carrier employee says that it usually happens when Mercury is in retrograde.  As a paranormal investigator, I do believe that ghosts have the ability to manipulate electronic devices.   When I say that, it also means that they can manipulate the TV and radio.  A lady named Clair from St. Louis, Missouri says that her dead sister's voice interrupted a radio talk show and said..."I miss you".  Claire claims that voice was her deceased sister and another time her TV went into static and saw the smiling face of her deceased sister on TV for a few seconds.  I asked Terri if the messages from her mother are still continuing and she said no.  Terri believes her mother's last message was a way for her deceased mother to say that she was going into the light.  



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