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2005 SINGLE parent of 4 .I was in a state of mind that lead me to believe I was on some kind of treasure hunt. THINKING I'm a famous person.I was renting a house from a guy who's father and family was in a polygamy cult. AT ONE POINT I saw a bright beam light the size of a normal door walking in my house. Long story short I felt like there was terrible things that happened in this house.I don't know when but things I saw. Special needs kids being abused OMG it was creepy. I ended up burning down this house and going to jail.. No one inside of course but ..I didn't put 2 and 2 together Well my mom is from West Berlin Germany my dad in Army Born on hill airforce base. When I realized it was some kind of mind control.Os when my Educated Computer programmer Brother tells me he was abducted. The fire was in 2005.In 2017 I was led on another mind control thinking that the police were sacrificing the homeless, ETC. WHEN I WAS PULLED OVER BY POLICE.This was at 9 am I was arrested for assault on peace officer.But when I got to jail it was dark. NO RECOLLECTION JUST EVERY BONE IN MY BODY HURT AND A HUGE BLACK EYE. WHEN I STEPPED INTO JAIL I FELT MY WOUNDS SEAL UP. NEVER A BROKEN BONE IN MY LIFE BUT MAGNETS STICK TO MY RIGHT KNEE WHERE A WOUND WAS.  I DONT KNOW WHAT ME OR MY BROTHER MEANS TO THEM  BUT IT WONT HAPPEN AGAIN. I PRAY THEY ARE GOOD AND KNOW THAT I DONT TRUST OUR GOVERNMENT ...THEE END. MY CHILDREN EVICTED ME FROM MY OWN HOUSE AND WE DONT SPEAK. NO JUSTICE HERE BUT I LOVE GOD 



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On 6/22/2022 at 10:48 PM, quiXilver said:


Of course the police weren't sacrificing the homeless.

@acute was. :o

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I realized that it's SATIN trying to ruin spiritual people.You don't hear the UFO s stick around they dissappear because they are afraid if God and his people.Yes it's crazy but when people like it upstairs weather from bad choices, bad boynderies.It leaves the door open for Datin.The crazier you get .The more pleased Evil is.NOW WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT COULD HAPPEN AGAIN. I turn on Rhil Wiccam or RATTLE.The **** disappears..   HAAAAA

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