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The Life of a Man and a Woman






The Life of a Man and a Woman

“There is a poverty of the average human’s life, who is unnoticed by the world. It is the poverty
of the commonplace.. He has no talent but that of his own heart, no contribution
to make except self-abandonment, no consolation save God alone.”
― Johann Baptist Metz, Poverty of Spirit


In monastic we are told it is a life that is lived out in the ordinary, the obscure, and laborious. In seeking to live a balanced life between prayer, work, and holy reading (study), it takes no time to discover how difficult that can be. To live an authentic monastic life is the same as living a normal, centered, human life. With all of its frustrations, false starts, wrong turns, and dead ends. Yet in this common struggle that we all go through, in our hearts there can be a burning desire to seek God, to love, and even in times when the flame seems to be almost out, yet we still continue not really knowing where the next step will take us.

Most of the battles we go through are done in the interior of the soul. It is hard to find words to speak of our inward journeys. We can feel misunderstood, judged, and put aside. And yes, each of us can do it to others as well. It is so easy to do, that we can hurt each other in deep ways that we do not understand unless it happens to us. Self-knowledge grows from our deepening understanding that others are just like us…..hence the wisdom of the Golden Rule..-Br.MD





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