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Monkey Brain and sports



Okay for complete transparency I’m not a huge sports fan. I do enjoy catching a game or match from time to time and even have some favorite teams. Though I couldn’t name anyone on the roster unless they had their name on their jersey. As an example, I like to watch the Chelsey Premiere League and I root for whatever team is playing against Manchester United, Why you might ask? Well even a casual watcher of football like myself even I can at least name a team other than the one Beckham played on. Are you ready? Arsenal and Manchester City come readily to mind unlike some.

When I visited Scotland many years ago I went to a Celtic/Rangers game. As I was with my friends who are huge Celtics fans I rooted for them as well. After the match we walked out in a group because it was at a time when fights would break out due to the huge rivalry between the two teams and their respective if perhaps not respected fans. Needless to say I was taught which bars to not go to as they were the hotspots for the Ranger fans. As I said it’s been awhile so I couldn’t tell you if those same pubs are even there any more let alone remembering their names as there was much imbibing of spirits after the Celtics won.

If this match ever took place were say Jesus was the goalie then I might invest more of my time in watching more football for sure. Than I could at least understand why people would pray for whichever team that their lord and savior played on to win. Because as they say Jesus saves.




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